Iceland camper rental - The new way to travel Iceland

Camper rental in Iceland has been more and more popular these past few years. Mainly it´s been increasing due to accommodation options in the high season. It has been very tricky to get a hotel or a hostel in the southern region from early June to mid August. Therefor rental companies started with the campers as an option for travellers. This has been a great success and customers are loving the experience.

Camper travel in Iceland is a different way to travel and the raw and beautiful nature Iceland has to offer will be seen with a new perspective. To go to sleep or wake up by a waterfall or a glacier is a unique experience. With the comfort of having everything you need in the back of your camper, such as kitchen, stove, bbq and your luggage is quite handy. All you need is your groceries to get you going on to the open road. have all types of campers, motorhomes, 4x4 campers and 4x4 roof tent SUV´s, all modified for Icelandic terrain. Under the firm control of Nordic Holidays who have been serving travellers in Iceland for 10 years with good reputation.

If you are thinking about camper rental Iceland we recommend you don’t wait too long as this popular travel option in Iceland will sell up pretty early. Booking with you pay only 10% deposit and the rest upon arrival which is a very convenient way in planning you budget for the summer. If you need more information please contact us and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.