P/F Dimmalętting

Smyrilsvegur 13
P.O. Box 3019
FR-110 Tórshavn
Faroe Island

Tel. 298 341200
Fax 298 341201


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Its 118 year history makes Dimmalętting the oldest and largest newspaper in the Faroe Islands, printing 10,000 copies four times a week. Dimmalętting is politically and religiously independent. Dimmaletting's main aim throughout its 118 years of existence has been to practice serious,

mostly domestic journalism, but during the last few years, international news has been covered as well. The aim has always been towards increased quality, using both the latest technology and practicing highly professional journalism.

As an advertising media, Dimmaletting's years of experience and wide circulation puts it ahead of the other newspapers in the Faroe Islands, both in terms of expertise and advertising space used by domestic and international clients alike. For further information about the newspaper Dimmaletting, the book-publishing house Dimmaletting, Tór Data Ltd and Team-85 Ltd, please contact one of the above mentioned at the mailing address, by fax or byphone.

The size of Dimmalętting is broadsheet, usually 24 pages, with four editions per week and printed in full colour.

The staff number thirty, including seven journalists. The editors are Mrs. Beate L. Jensen and Mr. Georg L. Petersen. The foreman in the rotation printing house is Mr. Flemming L. Samuelsen, and the Managing Director is Mr. Peter F. Christiansen.

Along with the newspaper, Dimmalętting operates three other companies: the book-publishing house Dimmalętting with four employees, the computer company Tór Data Ltd, which specializes in developing software and has employees, and the advertising bureau Team-85, with a staff of seven. Mr. John Christiansen is the Managing Director of TUr Data Ltd and Team-85.

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