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Helsinki University Central Hospital

Stenbäckinkatu 9
FIN-00290 Helsinki

Tel. + 358 04711 2010
Fax + 358 0471 2014

The HUCH is situated on the Baltic Sea, in the heart of Helsinki

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T he Helsinki University Central Hospital (HUCH, HYKS) is an acute-care hospital in which the most advanced specialized care in two hospital regions is concentrated. Those regions being the Province of Uusimaa and the city of Helsinki.

Arvo Relander, Hospital Director - HUCH.

HUCH also has a number of nationwide responsibilities in providing treatment of diseases that are very rare or demand specialized skills and equipment. In Finland, the treatment of cleft lips and palates, organ transplants, open heart surgery on infants and the poison information centre exemplify services which are provided exclusively by HUCH.

The Neuromag-122TM neuro-magnetometer covers the whole head and captures the complete field distribution generated by brain activity. The system employs 122 detectors to collect this information, making it possible accurately to follow cortical activity all over the head. This results in increased throughput, more reliable data and new experimental possibilities. The system opens a qualitatively new era in neuromagnetic studies. The Helsinki University Central Hospital has had a Neuromag-122 system in operation since 1. January 1995.

HUCH is also the most important emergency hospital in the Helsinki metropolitan area; in many specialties it is in fact the only hospital that is open round the clock.

The Helsinki University Medical Faculty uses HUCH for educational and research purposes. HUCH organizes graduate and postgraduate education and engages in research in all medical specialities and most subspecialities.

But HUCH is not only a teaching hospital for medical students and doctors. Its facilities are used by other health care professionals as well, providing thousands of students each year the opportunity to gain clinical experience. For nonresidents, HUCH charges the actual costs of treatment and services rendered. To be admitted to a nursing unit or to visit an out patient clinic at HUCH, a referral from a physician and a commitment form contains an estimate of the costs of treatment. Although emergencies receive treatment without these papers, the billing principles remain the same. In difficult cases the hospital bill may rise considerably, so it is advisable to have a valid insurance.

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