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Kvaerner Masa-Yards

Munkkisaarenkatu 1
P.O. Box 132
FIN-00151 Helsinki

Tel. + 358 0 1941
Fax + 358 0 650 051
Telex: 121246 masah fi

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Kvaerner Masa-Yards (KMY) is the largest shipbuilder in Finland with long experience in producing technically demanding ships. Since 1991 the company has been part of the international industrial Kvaerner conglomerate.

KMY operations include:

  • Turku New Shipyard.

  • Helsinki New Shipyard.

  • A factory for prefabricated cabin and bathroom modules, located in Piikki Works, near Turku.

  • The KMY-Azipod Unit which is responsible for the development, production and sales of the Azipod propulsion system.

  • The Technology Unit which handles R&D, engineering and after-sales services, including the Arctic Research Centre (MARC).

    Affiliated companies
    KMY group and affiliated companies are: Kvaerner Masa Marine Inc. in Canada (100%), Power Piping Oy (40%) in Ylivieska, Finland and NEMARC Shipping Company in Finland (50%).

    KMY builds:

  • Cruise liners and passenger ferries.

  • Gas carriers, ice-breakers and ice-going tonnage.

  • Special tankers.

  • Cable layers, dredges, research vessels, crane, heavy-lift and offshore vessels.

  • Committed personnel

    KMY has a personnel of about 5,000. A rationalized teamwork model has been introduced throughout the organisation. Clear goals, open communication, trust and confidence, and involvement in everyday decision-making yield a high level of commitment and motivation. The professionally highly skilled personnel produce excellent workmanship at a competitive price.

    Solid financial base
    Thanks to good results in the past, reserves are high and finances are on a sound basis. Being part of the strong international Kværner group makes KMY a solid and reliable business partner. The order book is valued at 15 billion FIM (Jan. 1996).

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