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Finnish Polar leads the world market
Polar Electro Oy is the world´s leading manufacturer of heart rate monitoring, registering and evaluation equipment. Polar products represent the state of the art in heart rate measuring devices for athletic training, fitness and rehabilitation. Polar is today a leading global brand operating worldwide in over 50 countries, with exports accounting for 95 percent of total sales.

New Products, New Markets
Wireless heart rate monitoring method, a Polar innovation, was at first used for optimising the quality and efficiency of athletic training. Due to continuous, customer need-based product development, Polar product range now features a selection of heart monitoring products for everyone interested in physical exercise.

Goal-oriented physical fitness enthousiasts, for example, improve their marathon performance with the help of a heart rate monitor. Weight management can be optimised through a combination of proper diet and regular exercise at the optimal heart rate.

Those just beginning an exercise programme can avoid excessive physical stress by monitoring the heart rate. For rehabilitation, heart rate monitors ensure a safe intensity level for heart patient´s physical exercise.

The basic heart rate monitor consists of two parts: a heart rate transmitter belt worn around the chest, and a watch-like monitor worn on the wrist. The measuring method is ECG accurate, and the monitor itself is user friendly, suitable for any kind of exercise, including swimming.

Original idea from the Ski Track
Professor Seppo Säynäjäkangas, the majority shareholder and the Chairman of the Board, founded Polar Electro Oy in 1977. The business is based on many years of scientific research carried out at the Electronics Laboratory of Oulu University towards the development of a new type of ambulatory measuring device.

The original idea for developing a method for heart rate monitoring came to Professor Säynäjäkangas while he was cross-country skiing. "In spring 1976, on a cross-country ski trip, I met a local ski trainer who knew about my research work. He suggested that I develop a device for measuring the heart rate. In those days, pulse was measured with the fingertips, which made the process both slow and inaccurate. Thus, the idea for a wireless heart rate monitor was customer need - driven," says Seppo Säynäjäkangas.

Today, Polar Electro has intense collaboration with the world´s leading research institutes and universities in this field. There are several studies running to further develop methods based on the heart rate for the needs of athletic training, fitness exercise and rehabilitation.

This long-term R&D work at Polar Electro has led to numerous internationally patented innovations and new products covered by the Polar trademark and design copyrights.

International Market the Key
Polar Electro Oy has systematically implemented its goal of building a truly global brand. Headquartered near Oulu in Finland, Polar Electro operates through three marketing and sales companies: Polar Electro Inc in New York, North America, Polar Electro Deutschland GmbH in Frankfurt, Germany, Polar France, France and Polar Electro Sverige Ab, Sweden.

In addition to the wholly owned subsidiaries, there are Polar authorized Distributors in over 50 countries with local dealer networks. The main markets for Polar heart rate monitors are in the USA, Germany, France, Great Britain, Austria, Finland, Italy, Holland, Switzerland and Japan.

Logistics center for Europe is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Manufacturing facilities are in Finland, in Hongkong and in Malaysia.

Products and marketing
Polar M-series of heart rate monitors:
Polar M21, Polar M22, Polar M51, Polar M52, Polar M71ti

Polar S-series of heart rate monitors:
Polar Coach, Polar Protrainer NV, Polar Protrainer XT , Polar Accurex Plus, Polar XTrainer Plus, Polar Vantage NV, Polar Interface Plus and Polar Advantage Interface  System analysis programs

Polar A-series of heart rate monitors:
Polar Beat®, Polar Tempo, Polar Favor, Polar Fitwatch, Polar Pacer®

Wireless, telemetric Polar technology

Sports, fitness, health, weight management, relaxation, rehabilitation

Over 50 countries, with main markets in the USA and Europe. Exports 95% of production.

Own marketing companies in North America, Germany, France and Sweden. Worldwide network of distributors.

Production and logistics
Production management and production of key products in Finland. Mass production, subcontracting and part manufacturing is handled by Polar H.K. Ltd in Hong Kong and Polar Twin Advance Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia. Logistics center in Amsterdam.

Research and development
Close cooperation with various research and expert organizations concerning both physiological and technological aspects of heart rate monitors. The Polar Scientific Advisory Board includes world leading authorities in the field.

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