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The Turku University Central Hospital

The Turku University Central Hospital
Kiinamyllykatu 4-8
SF-20520 Turku
Tel. + 358 21 2611 611
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The Turku University Central Hospital and its predecessors is essentially a reflection of the general history of the Finnish hospital as an institution. The development of the Finnish hospitals began when Adolf Fredrik, king of then Sweden-Finland, signed the foundation charter for the Hospital of Turku on December 17th, 1756. In the spring of 1759, a nine bed facility was opened. Patient care was provided by a physician and a staff of five.

A modern university hospital

Today the area of responsibility of the Turku University Central Hospital covers the south-west of Finland and the population base is about 435,000 inhabitants. The hospital's highly specialized health care service such as cardiac surgery, neurosurgery and radiotherapy includes services to regions even farther afield.

All specialized medical fields are represented in the hospital. Almost 1,000 patients are daily served at the out-patient wards of the hospital. The First Aid Department has a 24 hour emergency service. In many out-patient wards surgery is carried out giving the patients a choice of leaving immediately after surgery or staying for a few hours observation before release.
More than 35,000 patients are annually admitted to the hospital as in-patients. The duration of hospital stay is usually short. In fact, 89 percent of all patients leave the hospital within the first week, half of the patients are released after four days. 40 percent of all patients enter as emergency cases.
The hospital has intensive care wards for internal, surgical and pediatric diseases. Haemodialysis is carried out in the Nephrological Department. There is also another haemodialysis unit for out-patients, which is based on the patients independent initiative. Bone marrow transplantations are carried out at the hospital, on children as well as adults. Overpressure Oxygen Therapy is given at the Department of Surgery to patients suffering from among other things compressed air disease, carbon monoxide poisoning and gangrene.
All specialized laboratory fields are represented at the hospital. The co-operation between the hospitals Blood Centre and the Finnish Red Cross is close.
The Medical Imaging Centre has up-to-date equipment. The hospital has the only Positron Emission Tomograph (PET) in Finland, three apparatuses for magnetic resonance imaging and three computer tomographs. There are three accelerators and one cobalt therapy unit for radiotherapy. The surgical suites of the hospital are equipped with the most recent technology. The first open heart surgery was performed at the hospital in 1960.
Also Paimio Hospital, located 30 km away is a part of the Turku University Central Hospital. Paimio Hospital was planned by the Finnish architect Alvar Aalto, and is architecturally world famous. Built in early 1933, the building remains unrivalled in its beauty and uniqueness.

There are beds for slightly over 1,000 patients and the employees are 3,100. The academic staff is composed of more than 100 professors and senior lecturers. In any given year there are more than 1,000 students at the hospital.

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