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Greenland lies north of the tree line and with rare exceptions it is not possible to cultivate crops. For example, the growing season is too short to allow even wheat to mature.

Forest-like brush exists in many places. The sunniest valleys in South Greenland have stands of strong, upright birch trees which attain a height of up to 7 metres. Greenlandic ash and various species of willow, evergreens, ferns and several species of herbs also grow in South Greenland. Greenland has a highly varied flora growing on its mountain-slopes, marshes and meadows.

Although the soil in Greenland is fertile, its productivity is improved with the addition of fertilizers.

Most of Greenland is surrounded by ice. The pack-ice from the polar

A beautiful scene.
Photo: Jón Viðar Sigurðsson.

regions floats along the East coast, around Cape Farewell and is conducted up the west coast. Gradually it breaks up and melts, occasionally reaching as far north as Nuuk.

It is not normally possible to sail in the Disko Bay (Upernavik) region from December to April or May. Sometimes even the Sisimiut region is impassable during this period. Qaanaaq can be reached by sea only in July, August and September. Ammassalik can be reached from July to October and Illoqqortoormiut only from July to September.

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