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Knud Rasmussen College

Knud Rasmussenip Höjskolie
P.O. Box 1008
DK-3911 Sisimiut
Tel.: 299 14032
Fax: 299 14907

Travel Agency
Gr-nlands Rejsebureau
P.O. Box 130
DK-1004 Copenhagen K.
Tel.: 45 33 13 10 11
Fax: 45 33 13 85 92

As an independent institution, Knud Rasmussen College is a non-certificate school. It aims to strengthen the identity of the individual, and as such is referred to as the School of Life.

As the first national folk high-school, it was inaugurated on 3 July 1962. From the very start, the role of the common kalaaleq in the task of cultural conservation and instruction was emphasised. To become enrolled, a former education is not required; however, the student's ability to speak kalaallisut is taken for granted.
For the time being, the winter term begins in January and ends in May. Since we live on the largest island in the world, we do our best to secure a nation-wide body of students. During the winter term there are fifty-two students who study kalaallisut, history, social sciences, literature, maths, Danish and English. In addition, optional subjects are as follows; tanning, handicraft, beadwork, stone polishing, science, geography, music lessons, singing lessons, athletics, first aid, computer sciences and a wide range of other subjects.
In the spring, we work on the land to harvest food. We also have an obligation to carry out short-term courses during the summer and autumn. Such courses also accommodate participants from across the country, the topics mostly addressed and discussed are cultural and current social issues.

College tourism
In recent years, we have gradually opened our doors to foreigners. This happens through exchange programmes. We know that many foreigners would like to visit us, but are unable to because of the lack of opportunities. But from 1997, we plan to make more effort to accommodate foreigners who want to know our country better, through a comprehensive college tourism programme.

Winter tourism
It is possible to take your vacation during the winter and spring, the season of snow, especially if you want to try dog sledding. You can either take part in a several day long tour programme for parties or plan your own tailor-made programme along with your party.

Summer tourism
As for the summer, you can have a good time at the College. We can offer you hiking, sailing, lectures, research, handicraft in the workshop as well as tanning at the Women's College. We have an agent in Copenhagen, who can provide you with further information on how to plan your trip.
The College and the town of Sisimiut were once meeting places between North and South.

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