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Narsaq Municipality
P.O. Box 37
DK-3921 Narsaq
Tel.: 299 31277
Fax: 299 31177

Narsaq Tourist Office
P.O. Box 148
DK-3921 Narsaq
Tel.: 299 31325
Fax: 299 31398

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The municipality of Narsaq is located in the South of Greenland. The municipality covers an area of 8,500 km2 of which 3,000 km2 is open land. The other 5,500 km2 is ocean or areas covered by ice cap or glaciers.

The population of Narsaq is approx. 1,800 and approx. 300 inhabitants live in the settlements Qassiarsuk, Igaliku and Narsarsuaq, the latter with the southernmost transatlantic airport.
Today, Narsaq is developed, with modern facilities such as a power station, waterworks, a fire-fighting service, police, a hospital, a dentist, day-care facilities, an old peoples home, a basic school and an education centre with the Food- & Beverage School "INUILI" being the largest.

The municipality of Narsaq has been inhabited for more than 3,000 years. Various Eskimo cultures have inhabited the area at intervals, and Nordic Vikings settled in the same area for a period of 500 years (985-1450). The area of Narsaq is thus the centre of the village which the Norsemen called "’sterbygden". The farm Brattahlid of the Norse settler Eric the Red was in Qassiarsuk, which is just opposite Narsarsuaq.

Narsaq was founded as a trading post station in 1830. The scattered population which had been living in small settlements gradually moved to the town. In 1952 the development increased as a factory for fish processing was established. Today, it is called Royal Greenland.

The community mainly bases its trade on fishing, fish processing and sheep-breeding. The fishermen deliver their haul to Royal Greenland, which processes and exports it. The local fishermen sell their daily haul at the small local market place.

In the settlements Igaliku and Qassiarsuk the economy is based on sheep-breeding, but scattered sheep farms exist all over the municipality. A great deal of the population is employed in commerce and various related public services.
Narsaq also has a slaughterhouse "Neqi A/S" and "Nilak A/S", a factory which produces ice-cream. Both supply the home market.
"Eskimo Pels ApS" is the largest and oldest private sealskin workshop. It manufactures sealskin products for the home market, and exports to Scandinavia and Central Europe.
Local craftsmen produce domestic handicrafts from Greenland wool, stones, reindeer bones, narwhal and walrus.
There are several advantages of the economic life; no wealth tax exists in Greenland and companies only have to pay 25% tax. A piece of land in Greenland costs businessmen nothing, as one can only be allotted an area of public land by applying for it.

Culture and tourism
The experience of Greenlandic culture, history and nature is easily accessible and visible in the municipality of Narsaq. Ruins from the Eskimo and Norse cultures lie undisturbed on the ground. The historical development of the town is visible to the eye when looking at the

Seal flensing. Photo: Narsaq Foto.

A part of Narsaq town with the fishing port and a transatlantic quay in the foreground. Photo: JÆrgen B. Svensson

Narsaq during summer time, the old part of the town with Narsaq Museum in the foreground. Photo: Narsaq Foto.

architecture of the buildings.
The population lives daily among a unique and diversified natural environment lying outside their doors. The tourist has the opportunity to experience this whether walking around in the town, travelling on foot in the fields or sailing around in the fjords.
As a tourist you can choose to stay in a hotel, in a youth hostel or even camp. Narsaq Tourist Office offers several excursions and walking tours with widely different subjects. Narsaq Museum shows broad historical exhibitions as well as a number of interior ones.

Travel services

Narsaq is situated in an open water area lying centrally for flying as well as for navigation. There is a fine fishing port for receiving large ships. Public navigation takes place among the settlements of the municipality and other towns.
Narsaq is placed only 15 minutes by helicopter from the transatlantic airport in Narsarsuaq. From Narsarsuaq there are airlines to the outside world.

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