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Welcome to Nuuk - the capital of Greenland

Nuup Kommunea
P.O. Box 1005
DK-3900 Nuuk, Greenland
Tel.: 299 23377
Fax: 299 24187


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Nuuk is Greenland's powerhouse. As the capital of Greenland, the town is the centre of all trade, shipping, industry and administration.

With a population of 13,500, Nuuk Municipality (Nuup Kommunea) is not only Greenland's largest municipality, it is also one of the largest towns in the Arctic region. For the past 30 years Nuuk has been characterized by constant growth. In a unique way the town and its inhabitants have been able to adapt to the dynamic development from a traditional Greenland society to a modern industrial town.
Since home rule government became a reality in Greenland in 1979, Nuuk has really begun to expand. Today the town is the home of many branches of public administration such as the parliament, a law court, a hospital, the national library and the national museum. Educational institutions such as an upper secondary level school, a college of education and a university have also added to the size and prestige of the town.

Centre of business and commerce
Nuuk has a great deal to offer businesses and commercial enterprises. In Nuuk there are head offices of banks, travel agencies, industrial companies, restaurants and a varied business life, just as in all other capitals. Here too, the Royal Greenland company, one of the world's biggest exporters and processors of fish, has its head offices.

This is due not least to a modern Atlantic harbour which is Greenland's natural lifeline to the outside world. This efficient fishing harbour is a natural centre for trawlers in the Arctic region.

In recent years there has been a wide-ranging search for minerals in Greenland with Nuuk as the starting point. Interesting deposits have already been found which include zinc, gold, oil and gas.

Well-advanced plans are also in hand to extend Nuuk airport so that it will be possible to fly direct from Europe and the American continent to Nuuk. The coming cultural centre, Katuaq, will also mean that Nuuk will function as a significant venue for conferences in the future. All of this means there is no doubt that Nuuk will continue to develop as one of the powerhouses of the Arctic.
If you would like to know more about Nuuk and the possibilities the town has to offer your company, you are very welcome to contact the municipality.

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