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  • Galvanizacija Žlindra, Slovenia
    Podjetje opravlja kvalitetne galvanske nanose, izdeluje in obdeluje kovinske predmete iz medenine, železa in vseh vrst odlitkov iz zamaka.
    Das Unternehmen erstellt qualitative galvanische Beschichtungen, produziert und bearbeitet Metallgegenstände aus Messing, Eisen und alle Arten von Gussstücken aus Zamak.

  • Gaukstonys, Pigbreeding, pork and beef products, Lithuania
    The main activities of the company are pigbreeding, pork and beef products, wholesale and retail trade in meat products. We are also involved in fox-breeding, and have sold fox furs.

  • Genis, Iceland
    Manufactures a range of chitin and chitosan-based products and a variety of specialty fish proteins and marine flavors. Using modern biotechnology, Genis produces variety of different protein hydrolysates from fish and crustaceans.

  • Geonafta, Oil Exploration expedition, Lithuania
    Sealed structures suitable for gas storage are explored and drilling is begun. In 1993-95, two joint ventures with foreign partners, UAB Genciu Nafta and UAB Minijos Nafta, were established.

  • Hermes SoftLab, Software engineering company, Slovenia
    As Slovenia's largest software engineering company, Hermes SoftLab is one of the country's entrepreneurial successes. Hermes SoftLab transparently sets up large-scale, multi-site project teams to seamlessly develop a wide array of software engineering projects for major international clients.

  • Hönnun, Iceland
    A Icelandic consulting firm in the fields of civil, structural, mechanical, geotechnical, transportation, hydropower, power transmission, cost estimates, environmental engineering, environmental management, environmental impact assessment, project management, quality control management, risk analysis and safety management.

  • Helplite Safety Lights Inc., Canada
    Emergency home locator beacon 911. Best personal safety device since the smoke detector. Worldwide Inquiries invited. Unique Canadian invention.

  • IBE, Consulting Engineers, Slovenia
    IBE, Consulting Engineers is the largest independent consulting engineering company in the Republic of Slovenia. Its business services include design, engineering and expert advice rendered to domestic as well as foreign clients.

  • IBM Slovenia, Slovenia
    IBM has been present in Slovenia for more than sixty years, initially as an independen company and from 1964 to 1992 through their general representative, the Slovene company Intertrade.

  • Iceland Seafood International, Iceland
    Iceland Seafood International P/C is one of Iceland's leading export and marketing organizations, supplied by 40 shore-based freezing plants and freezer trawlers.

  • IMOS, consultancy, engineering, investment, Slovenia
    With a thirty-five-year tradition and a complete offer in the field of construction from consultancy, engineering, investment, and construction management to the handing over of completed buildings, IMOS is one of Slovenia's leading enterprises.

  • Industry and Finance Corporation of West Lithuania, Lithuania
    Controls the activities of the companies, represents them in governmental institutions, looks for financing sources, partners and markets and seeks in other ways to ensure the success of the companies.

  • Iskra ERO, Slovenia
    Iskra ERO, a manufacturer of different types of drills, angle grinders and polishing tools, carpentry tools (circular saws, jig saws, routers, orbital sanders) and stirers for mixing a wide variety of construction material.

  • Iskra Feriti, Slovenia
    Iskra Feriti has been committed to keeping at the forefront of technical developments in the field of soft ferrite and inductive component manufacturing. Iskra Feriti has always attached great importance to quality and customer service. The success of these efforts was recognized in May 1995 when the German DQS quality control institute awarded Iskra Feriti the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality.

  • Iskra PRO, Slovenia
    Iskra PRO Kranj produces: assembly devices, special tooling machines, manipulation devices, pad printing machines.

  • Iskra Stikala, Slovenia
    Iskra Stikala is a European manufacturer of low-voltage switchgear located in Kranj.

  • Iskra Tela, Slovenia
    Iskra Tela is a globally-oriented, customer-driven supplier of measuring devices, systems, and services for the machine tool industry and other industries as well.

  • Iskratel. Telecommunications, switching systems, Slovenia
    Iskratel is a joint venture company, with over 50-year tradition in the field of telecommunications. It provides state-of-the-art telecommunications products, based on own knowledge and manufactured under the licence of the global company Siemens AG.

  • Iskrateling, Slovenia
    Iskrateling is a telecommunications engineering company engaged in finding solutions to its clients' communication problems.Iskrateling is a private Slovene company.

  • Jellet Biotek (JBL), Canada
    Marine Biotoxin Testing. Canadian biotechnology company develops diagnostic test kits for marine biotoxins.

  • Jelovica, Slovenia
    The company takes pride in its long tradition in the production of building joinery and prefabricated houses. The production program includes windows, shutters, interior and entrance doors, door frames, and prefabricated houses.

  • Johnson Cont. NTU, Slovenia
    The companies products are sold in Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, the UK and France, to customers such as BMW, Daimler-Benz, Renault, Audi, Opel, General Motors, Volkswagen and Puch.

  • Jonavos Grudai, Granary, Lithuania
    The main subdivision, a grain elevator with a capacity of 100,000 tons, was built in Jonava in 1974. It has a grain drying room and equipment for gathering in and cleaning crops.

  • Joniskio Grudai, Granary, Lithuania
    AB Joniskio Grudai is a privately-owned grain-processing enterprise with a capital of USD 2.75 million. The shareholders are the employees and farmers who supply grain and us feed.

  • Kaisiadoriu Agrofirma, Meat processing company, Lithuania
    The company Kaisiadoriu Agrofirma, which engages in production, trade, and services, is located in the central part of Lithuania by the Vilnius-Klaipeda highway and the Vilnius-Tallinn and Vilnius-Warsaw railway lines.

  • Klaipeda Ship Repair Yard, Lithuania
    Klaipeda Ship Repair Yard was established in place of P.W. Lindenau's company, and has continued its traditions of shipbuilding and repairs. Its main activities are all types of ship repair, maintenance and construction.

  • KLI Logatec, Slovenia
    KLI Logatec is one of the most successful enterprises in the Slovene furniture industry. The two basic production programmes of the company include chairs and dining-room suites and doors and windows.

  • Konus Konex, Slovenia
    Konus Konex appears in all markets as a high-quality manufacturer of transport and power transmission elements, non-woven materials and filters. The sales-production range is mostly intended for industry and to a lesser extent general consumers.

  • Kovin Ltd, Tinned food, Faroe Islands
    P/F Kovin is the only factory in the Faeroe Islands which makes tinned foods. It is situated in Sandvagur on the island of Vagoy, an appr. 30 mins drive from Vagur airport.

  • Kretingos grudai, Granary, Lithuania
    Kretingos grudai began operations in 1986. It is the most modern grain processing factory in Lithuania, with sophisticated technological and quality control equipment.

  • Krka, Slovenia
    Krka is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Central and Eastern Europe and markets its products in more than seventy countries worldwide.

  • KROJ, Clothing producer , Slovenia
    Kroj modna konfekcija d.d. is one of the best known textile companies in Slovenia specializing in the production of clothing. The company's beginnings reach back to 1946 when it began to manufacture made-to-order textile items, and after 1958 it gradually introduced serial production.

  • Kvaerner Fjellstrand, Shipyard, Norway
    Kvaerner Fjellstrand a.s, a fully integrated shipyard located near Bergen on the west coast of Norway, developes and builds advanced high-speed aluminium catamarans for the world market.

  • A/s Latvijas Balzams, Latvia
    The enterprise today. A/S Latvijas Balzams is the biggest strong drinks manufacturer in Latvia and produces 60 percent of all products officially produced in Latvia.

  • Lifosa, Chemical Plant, Lithuania
    Big investments are necessary for developing the production of fertilizers. The company is looking for foreign partners for co-operation and joint production.

  • Liko Pris, Slovenia
    Liko Pris d.o.o. is one of the leading engineering companies involved in automation, computing and information technology in Slovenia.

  • Liko Vrhnika, Slovenia
    Liko is one of the most successful wood processing companies in Slovenia. It employs a staff of 600, generating an annual income of DM 50 million.

  • Lodskinn Ltd, Iceland
    Operates a tanning factory that produces double face skins from Icelandic raw material. The company takes pride in producing finished and coloured Icelandic lamb and sheepskins, ready for creation of quality garments.

  • Lysi Ltd, Iceland
    Marine Oil products from Lysi Ltd, are Consumer products, Bulk products, Marine products for animal feed and Marine oils for industrial uses. Sales and export of cod liver oil, fish oil and marine oils for human consumption.

  • LIP Bled. Forestry and sawmill, Slovenia
    LIP Bled, d.d. is based in Bled, a world renowned alpine resort surrounded by the high peaks of the Julian Alps and the Karavanke Mountains and the richly forested plateaus of Pokljuka, Mezakla, and Jelovica.

  • Marel, Iceland
    Offers a range of weighing units, software, monitoring equipment, and intelligent portioning and grading modules as well as integrated systems suitable for use in all major sectors of the food industry.

  • Martak ehf, Iceland
    The shrimp machine company specialises in the service for shrimp producers by producing various machines and equipment for the shrimp industry, both standard products and specially designed to suit the needs of the customer.

  • Mariborska Livarna Maribor, Slovenia
    Mariborska livarna Maribor (MLM), a foundry company. Today, the MLM system comprises five companies including the holding company and four subsidiar companies.
  • Mariborske Lekarne, Maribor, Slovenia
    Mariborske Lekarne, Maribor is a producer and distributor of medicines and medical supplies. The companies main branches are; Dispensaries division, Wholesale division and a Pharmaceutical laboratory.

  • Mariborska mlekarna, Diary in Maribor, Slovenia
    Mariborska mlekarna is the second largest dairy in Slovenia, having bought more than fifty million liters in 1997. Maribor Dairy products are well respected throughout Slovenia and every year receive major professional awards and medals for quality.

  • Maritime Hydraulics, Norway
    Maritime Hydraulics AS has established itself as one of the world's leading suppliers of drilling equipment for the offshore industry.

  • Mazeikiu nafta, Crude Oil Refinery, Lithuania
    The refinery was credited as a joint-stock company in 1995. It provides production and sales and marketing services and provides consultation on business activity and management.

  • Melamin, Slovenia
    The chemical firm Melamin - kemicna tovarna d.d. is located in the town of Kocevje in southeastern Slovenia. The company is comprised of three divisions: Wood industry division, Chemical industry division, Footwear industry division.

  • Mona Confectionery, Iceland
    Family owned confectionery in Iceland that produce a various types of chocolate and compound and also all kinds of gums and jellies. In addition we produce a variety of custom made products for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc.

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