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The Iceland Currency - Islensk Krona

The monetary unit in Iceland is the króna (plural: krónur). The international abbreviation is ISK but the local abbreviation is kr. ATMs can be found all over, for instance outside most banks and in shopping centres.

Banks will advance cash against main debit and credit cards, exchange notes and cash travellers cheques. Some shops will accept payment in foreign currency. Prices are generally high in Iceland, even higher than in Scandinavia. But this is not always the case some designer cloths and lapels can be cheaper and you can find good prices if you look well and use the TaxFree service in Iceland. Icelandic shops are also known for their sales, called útsala (plural: Útsölur), and very good special offers.

Old Icelandic coins - From Kolaportid, the only Flee Market in Iceland.
Old Icelandic coins - From Kolaportid, the only indoor Flee Market in Iceland.

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