Food industries in Iceland

ORA, Food processing company in Iceland.

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Food industries in Iceland

Everything from Iceland's unique lamp meat to it´s famous fish products, not to mention the dairy products, the Viking beer and the confectionery industry in Iceland. -> Iceland -> Industries

  • All Natural Icelandic Lamb.
    Sheep-farming is as old as the human settlement of Iceland itself. Icelandic lamb is becoming recognized through out the world for its healthy nutritional value and unique taste.
  • Arctika ® Gravad Salmon.
    North Atlantic was the natural home of the Atlantic Salmon already ages before Iceland was settled by the Vikings. Arctika ® Salmon is Beechwood smoked following old Icelandic traditions bringing forward the true quality of a superior product.
  • Genis.
    Manufactures a range of chitin and chitosan-based products and a variety of specialty fish proteins and marine flavours. Using modern biotechnology, Genis produces variety of different protein hydrolysates from fish and crustaceans.
  • Iceland Sea Salt Ltd
    A natural, unprocessed salt, LifeSalt is derived from the purest sea water. An environmentally friendly harvesting process utilizing geyser steam replaces 60% of the sodium content with magnesium and potassium that occurs naturally in the sea water.
  • Iceland Seafood International.
    Iceland Seafood International P/C is one of Iceland's leading export and marketing organizations, supplied by 40 shore-based freezing plants and freezer trawlers.
  • Icelandic Dairy Produce Marketing Association
    Company handles all marketing and sales of cheese for all dairies in Iceland, packaging of hard cheeses, and sales of butter, related dairy products and milk powder. Largest importer of cheese in Iceland.
  • JT Catering service, Reykjavik
    Catering service at Hotel Loftleidir, pride ourselves on providing guests with the best possible service, upholding the highest standards for ingredients and cooking. Catering service for all occasions.
  • Laxá Feedmill Ltd.
    An Icelandic fish feedmill and that produces and sell feed, chiefly for aquaculture. The company produces fish feed for: Salmon, Trout and Charr, Turbot and Halibut, Abalone and Cod. It also produces ready made petfood, catfeed and dogfeed.
  • Lysi Ltd
    Marine Oil products from Lysi Ltd, are Consumer products, Bulk products, Marine products for animal feed and Marine oils for industrial uses. Sales and export of cod liver oil, fish oil and marine oils for human consumption.
  • Marel
    Offers a range of weighing units, software, monitoring equipment, and intelligent portioning and grading modules as well as integrated systems suitable for use in all major sectors of the food industry.
  • Martak ehf
    The shrimp machine company specialises in the service for shrimp producers by producing various machines and equipment for the shrimp industry, both standard products and specially designed to suit the needs of the customer.
  • Mona Confectionery
    Family owned confectionery in Iceland that produce a various types of chocolate and compound and also all kinds of gums and jellies. In addition we produce a variety of custom made products for supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, airlines, etc.
  • Nordurmjolk, Dairy Company - Buy Skyr online
    Production and sales of Icelandic dairy products; milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter, fruit juices and margarine. The product skyr, KEA-skyr, is a special Icelandic product made of skim milk.
  • North Ice
    Producer of Icelandic seafood ingredients called NorthTaste. It is an all-natural fish flavours, with high quality seafood as the one and only ingredient. NorthTaste can be used in an almost endless variety of hot or cold dishes, soups, sauces, salads dressings, pâtés and fillings – or wherever the flavour of seafood is called for.
  • ORA
    Leading Icelandic Food Processing Company in canned food and gourmet seafood delicacies in Iceland. Main export product categories are lumpfish caviar and capelin caviar along with herring, fish loaf, fish nuggets, fish soups and sauces.
  • Ostahusid, Cheese production.
    The cheese is handmade and freshness and hygienic processign is guaranteed. The assortment is rich; various spiced cream cheese and Brie and cheese rolls.
  • Saeplast Ltd.
    Leading manufacturers of double walled insulated plastic tubs. The Saeplast tubs are specially designed for the food industry in general, including fisheries, processing, meat, aquaculture etc. Other products are plastic pallets and special solutions for the air cargo industry and poultry farming.
  • Salka Seafood
    Exporter of seafood, specialising in salted and frozen fish products. Fishing, processing and export of wet salted fish, stockfish and dried cod.
  • Skinnfiskur.
    Skinnfiskur ehf main production line is frozen fish offal for animal consumption, intended for export and internal consumption.
  • Viking of Beers
    Viking is a premium golden Icelandic lager beer brewed with the European pilsen method. The pure Icelandic water and a unique combination of malt, hobs, maize and sugar give the beer a distinct bitter taste. We are looking for export possibilities.

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