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The Icelandic Language Institute

The Icelandic Language Institute
The Icelandic Language Institute (ILI) opened on January 1, 1985. It is the secretariat of the Icelandic Language Council under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Science and Culture. As the official body responsible for language planning and preservation, ILI operations are in accordance with Icelandic Law No. 2/1990.

The ILIís roles are to answer linguistic questions, offer educational guidelines, and provide official resolution on questions of language usage. This is done mainly by telephone, e-mail and postal communication with the Icelandic authorities, the public, firms, institutions, etc. The ILI also publishes educational papers and books in Icelandic and the other Nordic languages. A special advice service has been installed for translators. See Language planning in Iceland.

Neologistic and Terminological Work
The ILI is a clearing house for neologisms and terminologies occurring in Icelandic. At present the ILI has information on at least 50 different fields of expertise where Icelandic experts have developed special language glossaries. The Institute concentrates its efforts on providing the active terminology committees in Iceland with linguistic advice and technical assistance.

Word Bank
In 1997 the Institute opened a word bank on the Internet. This database now contains 52 special language glossaries, 38 of which are accessible in a single multidisciplinary search. All glossaries contain terms in Icelandic. Beside Icelandic, the most common language represented in the glossaries is English, but many of the glossaries are multilingual. The most frequent additional languages are Danish, German, Norwegian, Swedish and French, respectively.
Another project at the Institute is making native neologisms, language-usage tips, and advice available on the Internet.

International Cooperation
The Icelandic Language Council cooperates with other Nordic language councils. The council is a member of the Nordic Language Council, founded by the Nordic Council of Ministers. The Icelandic Language Council also participates in Nordterm, the Nordic Organisation for Terminology. The Icelandic Language Institute participates in the International Network of Terminology Information and Documentation Centres, TDCnet, and is a member of the International Terminology Organisation, Infoterm.

Word bank with  language glossaries

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