Londun Ltd
Faxaskali 2
P.O. Box 1517
IS-121 Reykjavik

Tel. + 354 552 9844
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Londun Ltd. Iceland

Londun Ltd. (Löndun hf.) is a leading general ship's agent for the port of Iceland's capital, Reykjavik, and has its headquarters in that city's modern harbour. At its founding in 1987, Londun's activities consisted exclusively of unloading fresh and frozen fish. In the meantime, however, its operations have expanded to cover all the services required by ships and ships' crews arriving in this port.

Londun's chief activity is landing frozen fish and seafood and transferring it to containers, which are then transported to markets abroad. As ships are often in port for only a short time, quick and efficient work is essential. Rapid unloading is necessary, but supplies must also be obtained, various repair work arranged, and time-consuming paperwork handled.

Quick and efficient work procedures are essential when a ship lands its catch. Teams of 4-13 men handle loading, some of them involved in counting and weighing, others operating forklifts, and a third group working in the hold.

Londun also cleans ships and ships' holds after landing, as well as loading packaging materials, fishing gear, and supplies.

Reykjavik harbour
Iceland's largest port is the maritime gateway to the county's capital city. Open 24 hours a day, it is safe in all weather conditions due to its excellent location. The harbour reaches a depth of up to 8 meters in places, and there are good berthing facilities. Reykjavik harbour offers a full range of services comparable to those available in other modern ports around the world.

Make the best use of your time in Iceland - let us take care of your harbour requirements.

Quality and prompt service are our hallmarks.
Unloading ships. Iceland

Unloading fresh and frozen fish, Iceland

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