The Port of Keflavik-Njardvik-Helguvik
Vikurbraut 11
IS-230 Keflavik

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The Port of Keflavík-Njarđvík (PKN) is a company owned by the town of Keflavík-Njarđvík-Hafnir. PKN operates five ports; one in Njarđvík, two in Keflavík, one in Hafnir and one in Helguvík. These are the main import/export and fishing ports in the Sudurnes area of Iceland (only 40 min drive from Reykjavik Capital of Iceland) and are well equipped.
Njarđvík Port, Iceland
This is the main import/export port and fishing harbour for deep-sea trawlers. It is accessible to approximately 130-140 m long vessels with a draught of up to 7.5 m / 9.0 m. Adjacent to the harbour is an approx. 7,000 square meters wharf area for storing containers and a new 20,000 square meters wharf area is under construction. PKN has access to approx. 3,000 square meters of warehouses, cooling- and freezing-stores and an ice factory in the harbour area. The Suđurnes Fishmarket is located there, with a fishmarket floor of 1,700 square meters. The Njarđvík Shipbuilding corp., which runs one of the biggest slipway and ship-yards in Iceland, is also located there. The Suđurnes Stevedoring Service has warehouses, including a bonded warehouse and a repair workshop, in the port area.

Keflavík Ports, Iceland
The PKN Keflavík ports are used mainly for the handling of fish and ships of large draught. The main harbour is accessible to 150 m long vessels with a draught of up to 14 m. The pilots are located in the harbour office in Keflavík and also at the PKN tug and pilot-boat service. Working hours are from 08-19 and PKN has a standby shift on duty 24 hours. The harbour radio is channel 12, which the pilots and use as well as the harbour workers. The harbour has a truck scale for max. 60 tons located in the main Keflavík harbour and another small one for max. 2 tons which is located on the pier. A special road built along the shore between the Njarđvík and Keflavík main ports is about 1,800 m long.

At Keflavík harbour PKN has access to two salt storages, and at the port area there is also a repair shop for modern fishing equipment and a fishing-gear shop with netting. All the PKN ports are well equipped with electricity and fresh water. The local oil distributing companies provide gas oil and IFO 30. In addition to the Keflavík main harbour, PKN also operates a special newly-built harbour in Keflavík for smaller fishing boats, sports boats and yachts.

Helguvík Port
The port was originally developed for oil imports to the NATO Base in Keflavík. An additional quay of 150 m with a depth of 10 m has been built in the Helguvík harbour, making it easily accessible to 200-m-long vessels. The quay was built along the shore and has a generous wharf area behind it. These new facilities provide Helguvík port with increased service opportunities for industrial freighters and oil vessels. Industrial and service facilities construction on the site is in progress.

The distance between the Helguvík and Keflavík ports by road is about 4 km.

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major ports in Iceland

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