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RARIK Iceland. Iceland State Electricity

RARIK (1946) has worked on developing various power projects throughout Iceland, such as the electrification of rural areas and interconnecting districts with high voltage system. RARIK also laid extensive system of transmission lines between the country's various regions, constructing an integrated power grid stretching around all of Iceland. RARIK has been the leading force behind these developments, and thanks to the extensive interconnected power grid, the whole country can now benefit from every harnessed hydro-electric or geothermal power source.

The history of RARIK (Iceland State Electricity) is closely connected to the republic's own history, as electrical and industrial development went hand in hand in Iceland. By devoting its energy to building an electric power transmission and distribution system for the country's rural as well as urban areas, RARIK has played an important role in the development of individual regions in Iceland.

Originally set up to implement electrification in Iceland, in particular in regional parts of the country, RARIK today procures, transmits, distributes and sells power, and also offers know-how and consultancy services in these fields. In response to future challenges, the company has been increasingly focusing on marketing and customer services.

RARIK's operations are divided into five administrative regions, with the company's headquarters in Reykjavik. The regions cover virtually all inhabited parts of Iceland with the exception of the West Fjords, Southwest Iceland, the Greater Reykjavik Area and a few other local authorities. The five regions are administered by individual region offices. The offices are located in Stykkisholmur, for the west coast; Blönduos, for the north-west coast; Akureyri, for the north-east coast, Egilsstašir, for the east coast, and Hvolsvöllur for the south coast.

RARIK sells energy to homes and general businesses in Iceland, e.g. fish processing, aqua-culture, agriculture, industries and services.
RARIK distribution system supplies energy to approximately 48.000 inhabitants in Iceland's rural areas, and around 50 municipalities. The company also provides a number of the country's municipal electric works and industries with electricity at wholesale prices.
RARIK's distribution network covers about 80-90% of inhabited areas of Iceland and serves approximately 17% of the population.
The total 2001 power sales amounted to 1.040 GWh. Retail power sales reached 740 GWh, wholesales 250 GWh, and hot water sales reached 50 GWh. RARIK buys most of its energy (85%) from Landsvirkjun (National Power Company). In addition, RARIK harnesses power from its own hydropower, diesel power, geothermal and heating plants.
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