Sildarvinnslan Ltd.
Hafnarbraut 6
IS - 740 Fjarðabyggð

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Sildarvinnslan.  Fish processing company in Iceland

The company Síldarvinnslan Ltd.
Síldarvinnslan Ltd. in Neskaupstaður was established December 11th 1957 and is placed on the East cost of Iceland. According to memorandum of association, the main purpose of the company was to build and manage a fishmeal- and oil factory, herring processing and other related business in Neskaupstaður. Until the year 1990 the companies stock had not been increased from the very beginning. Therefore, in the 1990 the board decided to increase the shares from 60 mill. to Isk. 100 mill. Moreover, all shares would be sold on an open market. Since then, the stock has risen to 1.100 mill. and shareholders are today 574.

Today the company runs one fishmeal and oil factory, one fish-processing plant and four fishing wessels. Síldarvinnslan is today one of the largest fish processing companies in Iceland.

Síldarvinnslan Ltd. operates today one factory- trawler, two purse- seiners and one icefish- trawler. Land based operations are: Fish- meal and oil, frozen groundfish, frozen capelin and herring and salted/cured herring.

In the pelagic sector of the plant Síldarvinnslan produces frozen Capelin and Herring. The Capelin is graded by size and male/female. Herring processing is divided in two parts, frozen and salted/cured. Most of the Herring products are fillets and bits.

Fishmeal and oil factory produces LT-meal and crude oil from Herring, Capelin and blue whiting.

All processing of our products are under supervision of Icelandic State Inspectorate of Fisheries, and all operate a HACCP quality assurance program. Tracability is vital in our operation and is therefore implemented in our quality system.
Fish-processing plant in Iceland

Fishing wessels Iceland

Fish meal and fish oil processing Iceland

Fishmeal and fish oil factory Iceland


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