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At Icelandic Horse Farms there have been breeding, training and export of Icelandic horses since the early day's of settlement. Icelanders are very proud of their horse and it's heritage. to go back to a list of major horse rentals in Iceland that can also take you on horse riding tours around Iceland, click here.

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  • Horses North, LLC
    Horses North has tours for any level of rider, from one day to two weeks - and a chance to explore a country which will delight all nature lovers.
  • Ishestar
    Ishestar are Iceland's, and the world's, largest outfitter with more than 1300 horses. They offer an extensive holiday riding program ranging from a 2 hour ride from a new Riding Centre to a 17 days adventurous highland ride.
  • Laxnes
    Laxnes Farm has existed for hundreds of years but only part of the farm built in 1898 still stands. Laxnes horse rental offers both short and long riding tours through the beautiful and interesting landscapes of the surrounding area. It is the oldest horse rental in the vicinity of Reykjavik and the capital area.
  • Lysuholl - West Iceland (Snaefellsnes)
    Variety of services for travellers in West Iceland. We offer both short and long riding tours, which have become enormously popular. There are one-hour rides, day tours, and trips lasting several days. Lysuholl is also a horse breeding farm for the Icelandic horse.
  • Urvalshestar Icelandic Horses
    Urvalshestar offer top quality Icelandic horses for sale, and all service related to the Icelandic horse such as training, boarding, breeding, riding lessons and riding clinics
  • Polar Hestar
    In the North of Iceland, at the longest fjord of Iceland, Eyjafjordur, lies dreamy Grytubakki, our farmhouse, the starting point of a variety of long and short riding tours in an extraordinary landscape.

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