The Trinity Cross

The Golden Trinity Cross is a beautiful piece of Icelandic jewellery with deep symbolic significance. It is a symbol of the Holy Trinity; that God exists simultaneously and eternally in the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Many people consider the Trinity Cross to be a special talisman and for this reason it has been very popular as a gift for every sort of occasion. The proceeds from the sale of the Golden Trinity Crosses go to helping blind and visually impaired people in Iceland. The crosses can be bought at jewellery stores all around the country.

Asgeir Gunnarsson was the designer of this unique piece of jewellery - the concept being that the three linked crosses should represent the Holy Trinity. The ornament is made out of three shades of 14-carat gold - yellow, red and white. It is available as a necklace in four different sizes, as a broach, a tie clip, earrings, a spoon and a children’s fork.

It is thought that this is the first time three crosses have been brought together on a religious or ornamental piece of jewellery. The Golden Trinity Cross won the blessing of Pope John Paul II when he visited Iceland in 1989 and he accepted the cross as a gift which is now kept in the Vatican in Rome. At the same time the Bishop of Iceland also gave his blessing to the cross and it was given to the former President of Iceland, Vigdis Finnbogadottir, as a gift.

Few pieces of jewellery have the same symbolic significance as the Golden Trinity Cross. As a gift it shows the giver´s kind heart and affection, and the wish to bestow upon the receiver everlasting protection.

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Iceland Trinity Cross Necklace image.jpg
Trinity Cross Necklace
Available in 4 different sizes.
Golden Trinity Earrings image.jpg
Trinity Cross Earrings
Golden Trinity Brooch image.jpg
Trinity Cross Broach
Golden Trinity Silver Tie Clip image.jpg
Trinity Cross Silver Tie Clip
Golden Trinity Silver Fork & Spoon image.jpg
Trinity Cross Fork & Spoon



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