AB Alita

Miskininku str. 17
LT-4580 Alytus

Tel. + 370 35 79 243
Fax + 370 35 79 467


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Alita was founded in 1963. The enterprise now has 500 employees. It produces sparkling grape wine, brandy, fruit and grape wine, concentrated apple juice, apple flavour and dried apple pomace.

The production of sparkling grape wine started in 1980. Sparkling wine is produced by the continuous reservoir method from the grape wine imported from Moldova and other countries. The newest and most advanced technology allows us to produce about 12 millions bottles of more than 10 brands of this noble white, rosť and red wine.

Auksinis (Golden) sparkling wine is a six-month mature drink of yellowish colour with a gold shade. It has a mild taste with a hint of vanilla and chocolate flavour.

Dainava sparkling wine is a new brand featuring a fresh aroma, a pleasant taste and a festive ruddy colour.

Karalius Mindaugas (King Mindaugas) is a splendid festive drink, truly called the King of Wines. It is a sparkling grape wine, produced from Cabernet grape wine. After storing and souring, the sparkling wine matures and gains stronger flavour and a pleasant taste.

Wine production in Alita marks the very beginning of the plant1s operation. The major part of the products are made from local resources -- apples and berries. Production capacity is over 3 million litres of fruit-berry wine and over 4 millions litres of grape wine. The production facility is known for bottling valuable grape wines: the sweet wine Kagoras, the dry Kaberne, Aligote, Rkaciteli, etc.

Brandy Alita, produced from long-brewed French brandy spirit, is the newest product presented by Alita experts. Alita produces about 300,000 bottles of brandy per year, which is sold on the local market.

Concentrated juice is the newest Alita production line. Modern equipment from western companies such as Manzini and Bucher,

Our famous products - sparkling wines.

Vytautas Junevicius, General Manager.

provides the best facilities for the manufacture of concentrated apple juice, apple flavour and dried apple pomace. The products meet the quality standards of western countries; the production is exported to western and eastern countries.

In 1993 and 1994 Alita was awarded quality certificates for its significant achievements in trade with the EU countries. At the international fairs of 1984, 1988, 1989, 1995 and 1996 the products of the company were awarded silver medals and diplomas.

The quality of our products clearly meets the high standards of western countries and results in extensive exporting of the products to the west.

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