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The Daiga Brewery
Pramones str. 37
LT-4580 Alytus

Tel./Fax + 370 35 35 504
+ 370 35 33 686

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The brewery has been producing beer since 1994. Three main brands have been brewed: Dzuku sviesusis, which is light-coloured, mild and slightly bitter; Dzuku, which is slightly stronger, with a bitter hop taste, and Perlojos, which is rather strong with a blended taste. This beer is made without being pasteurized; this preserves the biologically active substances (vitamins) and the beer remains fizzy and keeps its taste. We intend not to pasteurize beer in the future; pasteurization involves heating in order to destroy bacteria, with the result that the beer loses its original taste. We intend instead to develop the filtration system, in which the beer is filtered through very thick sterile filters, a process known as "cold pasteurization". The quality and stability of filtered beer is almost equal to that of the pasteurized product.

Our beer is a naturally clean product. The brewery uses only the finest quality material: high-quality Pilzen-type barley malt, hops, water and beer yeast. Our beer is noted for its slightly bitter hop taste and specific aroma. A lot of our production is sold in our company shops.

Characteristic features of beer

    Dzuku Sviesusis:
  • light coloured, not pasteurized (fizzy)
  • concentration of dry substances: 12%
  • alcohol content 4.4% vol.


  • pale, not pasteurized (fizzy)
  • concentration of dry substances: 14%
  • alcohol content 4.8% vol.

    Our company shops:

Our production.

Mr. Juozas Petrulionis General Director.

  • pale, not pasteurized (fizzy)
  • concentration of dry substances: 17%
  • alcohol content 6.0% vol. The beer is bottled in half-litre bottles and also sold in 30-litre and 50-litre barrels.

  • Jaunimo str. 14a
    LT-4580 Alytus
    Tel. + 370 35 24 971

    Jotvingiu str. 9a
    LT-4580 Alytus
    Tel. + 370 35 23 528

    Nepriklausomybes Square 5
    LT-4560 Lazdijai
    Tel. + 370 68 51 430

    Kestucio str. 55
    LT-2004 Vilnius
    Tel. + 370 2 756 040

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