Kalnapilis Brewery

Taikos avenue 1
LT-5319 Panevezys

Tel. + 370 5 461 645
Fax + 370 5 464 667


The Kalnapilis office.

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AB Kalnapilis is the most modern and rapidly growing brewery in Lithuania, though its history goes back to 1902. A landowner of German origin, Albert Foight, founded a brewery in Panevezys and named it "Bergschlösschen", which means a small castle on the hill; later it was changed to the Lithuanian "Kalnapilis". Over the years the brewery grew and saw many changes. During 1970-90 the company underwent a process of renovation and modernization when the majority of old equipment was replaced. After the restoration of Lithuanian independence in 1991, Kalnapilis Brewery became a joint-stock company.

In 1994, seeking to make a significant improvement in beer quality, Kalnapilis joined the Baltic Beverages Holding (BBH) which was established by Pripps (Sweden) and Hartwall (Finland) -- the two largest companies in the respective countries. This merger opened the way for Kalnapilis to carry out an essential modernisation of the company. For this purpose BBH invested USD 12 million during 1994-96. Today we can already say that we are the most modern brewery in the Baltic States producing the highest quality Lithuanian beer.

Side by side with the investment Kalnapilis has been changing its image. The first step was taken by presenting top-quality "Ekstra" beer, which attracted the attention of consumers within a short notice and gained popularity in the best pubs and restaurants. The crucial break happened in April 1996 when a new fermentation-storage department was opened which enabled to produce the highest quality beer. At this time Kalnapilis launched three new brands within one month. The light beer brands "Dvaro", "Karcemos" and the dark beer brand "MilZinu" replaced three old brands. The new beer can be characterized as an excellent mix of European technology and Lithuanian brewing tradition.

The launch of the new brands was supported by a very intensive advertising campaign, resulting in an 80% increase of bottled beer sales in 1996. Successful sales determined a major achievement of Kalnapilis, i.e. a jump from the 3rd to the 2nd position in the Lithuanian beer market. Due to these results Kalnapilis now holds almost a quarter of the total beer market. Tremendous success created a clear opportunity to achieve leadership.

At the end of the year Kalnapilis welcomed consumers with one more surprise, the Christmas beer "Kaledinis". The certificate received from Santa Claus of Lapland states that "Kaledinis" is the first Lithuaian Christmas beer brewed following the classical traditions of Christmas beer.

Kalnapilis is a generous supporter of culture and sports in Lithuania. It sponsored an International Theatre festival "Life", many musical events and has become the general sponsor of the Lithuanian basketball league.

Kalnapilis is the most rapidly growing brewery in Lithuania, seeking to produce the best Lithuanian beer.

Dvaro beer in the filling process.

The new fermentation-storage department.

The new brands: Karcemos (4% vol) is a light beer with a slight aroma of hops. Dvaro (5% vol) is a premium quality golden colour beer with an exclusive and well-balanced taste. Milzinu (6% vol) is a dark, strong beer with a full-bodied aroma. Ekstra (5.4% vol) is a beer with an exquistite flavour.

Shiny new equipment in the fermentation-storage department.

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