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AB Kauno elektra
Piliakalnio str. 3
LT-3018 Kaunas

Tel. + 370 7 228103 & 200233 & 228347
Fax + 370 7 298938 &201744 & 203372

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The predecessor of Kauno elektra -- the Arsenal factory founded on the current site in 1904 -- made simple items for narrow-gauge railways. In 1958, Arsenal was reorganised into the state enterprise Elektra and the first electric motor was produced.

Kauno elektra has a long tradition of export to different countries. In 1994, new modifications of electric motors based on European standards issued by Cenelec were introduced. In 1995 the engineering staff of company started work on implementation of the ISO 9000 standards.

In 1995, after privatisation, the plant was reorganised into Kauno elektra. The major shareholder is the Chairman of the Board and General Manager, Sigitas Stankevicius.

Kauno elektra is one of the leading manufacturers of electric motors in the region. It has the capacity to produce 500,000 electric motors per year.

High quality and reliability of production are the main features of the company. It is situated near the river Nemunas in the industrial section of Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania. It consists of several facilities, including the main plant, a health centre and also a holiday village for 120 people on the shore of Lake Sagavas.

The company works in compliance with all existing Lithuanian environmental legislation.

Kauno elektra produces asynchronous three-phase electric motors with shaft heights of 80, 90, 112 and 132 mm ranging from 0.55 to 7,7 kW power according to the GOST and CENELEC standards. These can be employed in electric drives, in various devices, mechanisms and machines, and in the drives of industrial machine-tools and in agriculture. The company also produces a number of consumer products, including hand-held electric sanders, and small lawnmowers.

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