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Lietuvos spauda

Laisves avenue 58
LT-2600 Vilnius

Tel. + 370 2 228 978
Fax + 370 2 229 763

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Looking for hotels in Lithuania?

Lietuvos spauda is the largest commercial periodical publisher in Lithuania. It has accumulated great experience in the sale of Lithuanian and foreign newspapers and magazines. According to calculations by the Lithuanian Securities Central Depository, Lietuvos spauda occupies a leading position among other joint-stock companies as regards turnover of goods.

The enterprise has a spacious warehouse and a well-developed economic base. Subsidiaries of the company operate in all the larger cities and districts of the republic. Highly-qualified staff ensure effective operations in daily production and sales.

We trade in over 600 shops, stands and kiosks. They are conveniently situated near the main pedestrian streets, transport junctions and bus stops, which gives the trading network a particular character and image. Sales begin early in the morning when the city wakes up and continue until late at night, every day of the year.

The location of the sales outlets, combined with the long sales hours, make it possible to deal in a range of small articles which people find easier to buy while waiting for public transport rather than to have to go to specialist shops. These items include:

  • stationery
  • confectionery
  • transport and lottery tickets, telephone cards
  • personal hygiene items
  • tobacco products
  • postcards, stamps and other printed matter
  • haberdashery and other goods.
The windows and side panels of our kiosks and stands are used for advertisements.

We accept press publications and small items suitable for our assortment for sale either throughout Lithuania or in individual cities.

The headquarters of Lietuvos spauda in Vilnius.

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