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Lietuvos telekomas
-- State Enterprise

Savanoriu avenue 28
LT-2727 Vilnius

Tel. + 370 2 227 755
Fax + 370 2 226 665



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The state enterprise Lietuvos telekomas is the largest telecommunications company in Lithuania, providing modern communication services all over the country.

Lietuvos telekomas is the main operator of international telecommunications and fixed telecommunications networks. Lietuvos telekomas provides the following telecommunications services for all Lithuanian inhabitants and enterprises, and also foreign customers:

  • local, inter-urban & international automatic telephone communications
  • packet switched data transmission via X.25 & X.28 protocols
  • facsimiles
  • gentex (subscriber telegraph network with outbound lines to CIS) and telex
  • leasing of communication lines and channels
  • line radio broadcasting.
Lietuvos telekomas uses "know-how" telecommunications technologies which guarantee reliability of communication and speed. At present it is possible to switch quickly with other subscribers to the telephone network in Lithuania and all over the world by using automatic telephone communication.

In 1995 digital telephone exchanges began to be introduced. They are already in operation in Vilnius, Klaipeda and other towns in Lithuania. At the end of 1997 a new International Electronic Telephone Exchange will start operating in Vilnius. The new exchange will make it possible to expand current telecommunications and to organize new direct telecommunications with Western Europe and other countries. The Fiber Optical Cable Line Network is also expanding. Lietuvos telekomas currently has more than 700 km of Fiber Optical Cable Lines in operation.

The pay-phone system is undergoing intensive modernisation with former coin-phones being replaced with modern card-phones.

The results are best reflected by the main telecommunications development indicators. In 1996 they were as follows:

  • 992,627 main telephone lines
  • 26.8 main telephone lines per 100 inhabitants
  • 10.5 employees per 1000 main telephone lines
  • 10.8% of all main telephone lines were digital telephones lines.

Lietuvos telekomas
Universiteto str. 14/2
LT-2600 Vilnius

Tel. + 370 2 226 920
Fax + 370 2 222 055

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