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Marijampole County

Vytauto str. 28
LT-4520 Marijampole

Tel. 370 43 50250
Fax 370 43 50248


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General information
Marijampole County is situated in the southwestern part of the country and includes the town of Marijampole as well as the districts of Marijampole, Sakiai and Vilkaviskis. The county has an area of 4470 km2 and a population of 198,000 people, of whom 97.5% are ethnic Lithuanians, 1.4% Russians, and 0.2% Poles. Marijampole County borders with the Kaliningrad District of Russia in the west, in the south with Poland, in the southeast with Alytus County, in the northeast with Kaunas County, and in the north with Taurage County.

Marjampole County is a land of fertile plains with picturesque valleys and rivers. Almost the whole county is situated on the lower reaches of the Sesupe River with only the southern end lying in the Baltic Hills. Forest land covers only 18.4% of the county, with the most wooded areas in the northwestern part.

With about three-fourths of the soils in Marijampole County of very high quality, the county boasts intensive agricultural development and cattle-breeding. At present there are 30 financially strong, profitable agricultural companies operating in the county.

The traditional crops grown are rye, wheat, barley, peas, potatoes, sugar beets, and various other vegetables. Various enterprises process all the main agricultural products: AB Marijampoles konservai (processing and canning fruits, berries, vegetables), AB Marijampoles pieno konservai (producing milk products, milk powder, coffee, casein, refreshing drinks), AB Mepra (meat products), AB Marijampoles cukrus (sugar), AB Marijampoles grudai (combined forage, corn), AB Marijampoles duona (breads), and a mill.

The biggest industrial firms in the county are situated in Marijampole: AB Fasa (producing food industry equipment), AB Vernitas (producing plump yarn), and ABF Zemuktechnika (production of agricultural inventory, selling and repairing tractors and agricultural machinery, trading in spare parts). The other industrial firms include: Ceramics in Sakiai district, AB Gelga in Gelgaudiskis (production of full bricks, ceramic blocks, drainage pipes, plastic doors and windows), and Kudirkos Naumiestis-AB Suvalkijos linai (processing flax fibre).

In Vilkaviskis district: UAB Virbalio baldai (furniture and wooden products), UAB Lietdesta (meat products), Kybartai Ceramic Factory of AB Jiesia (domestic ceramic articles), AB Kybartu Gelzbetonis (ferro-concrete goods), and AB Zemkalnija (dress-making).

In Marijampole district: AB Giriu bizonas (furniture, wooden turned plates, other wooden products), AB Kalvarijos keramika (bricks, concrete-cement, wooden products), and the farm meat processing firm of V. Zarnauskas.

Tourism, recreational areas
In Marijampole: the Suduva stadium, AB Vernitas Sports Centre, Pasesupys Park and the area around the Marijampole land-locked bay. In the district of Vilkaviskis: the Vilkaviskis and Podvarkas recreation zones and the Vistytis recreation camps of Dobilelis and Pusele.

Culture, historical monuments, protected reserves
In Marijampole: the little Basilika (1824), Abbey of Marijonai (1795), Gymnasium of Rygiskiu Jonas (1870), where Petras Arminas, Petras Kriauciunas, Jonas Basanavicius, Vincas Kudirka, Jonas Jablonskis, St. Jurgis Matulaitis, J. Ambrazevicius-Brazaitis, A.J. Greimas and others worked or studied; the railway station (1923); Meskuciai Mound, an ancient settlement; graves of victims of both fascist and Soviet terrorism, Tauras district partisan cemetery, and the Jewish cemetery.

In Vilkaviskis district: Churches in Graziskiai and Vistytis (XIX century), Paezeriai estate palace (XVIII century), Piliakalniai Mound, the oak forest on the J. Basanavicius estate, and the Vistytis regional park with recreational centre.

In Marijampole district: Varnupiai Mound and stone, Padovinys Mound, the estate of Jurgis Matulaitis, archbishop, Memorial to the President K. Grinius, Antanavas Chapel, the estate of K. Boruta, the estate of the pilot A. Gustaitis, cemetery of the victims of fascism, Amalvas botanical and zoological reserve (1472 hectares), and Kazlu Ruda landscape reserve (857.1 hectares).

Museums, theatres
In Marijampole: the Ethnographical Museum, Town Museum, Tauras Disctrict Partisan Museum, V. Mykolaitis-Putinas Memorial Museum, J. Bendorius Memorial Museum, J. Jablonskis Historical and Literary Museum, and the Municipal Theatre.

In the Sakiai district: Zanavykai Museum, V. Grybas Museum, V. Kudirka Memorial Museum.

In the Vilkaviskis disctrict: the Ethnographical Museum, J. Basanavicius Estate Museum, V. Kudirka Granary Museum, the estate of S. Neris.

In the Marijampole district: Kazlu Ruda Forest Museum.

Marijampole County
Vytauto str. 28
LT-4520 Marijampole

Tel. 370 43 50250
Fax 370 43 50248

Monument to J. Basanavicius in Vilkaviskis.

Mr Kostas Jankauskas, Head of Marijampole County.

Railway station in Marimjampole.

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