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Panevezys County

Vasario str. 16-27
LT-5300 Panevezys

Tel. 370 5466445
Fax 370 5465517

The Administration Building of Panevezys County.

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Panevezys County is in the Northern part of Lithuania consisting of Panevezys city and the district municipalities of Panevezys, Pasvalys, BriZai, Rokiskis and Kupiskis with an area of 7890 km2 and a population of 324,000 of whom 95.4% are Lithuanians, 3% Russians and 0.2% Poles.

Almost the whole county is situated in the Nemunelis-Musa and Nemunas river basins. There are many small rivers but not many lakes. This is a land of plains and windmills. Woods cover 25.4% of the land, most of them in Panevezys district.

The county's main industries are: food, wood and linen processing, sewing and production of kinescopes, truck compressors and glassware. Smaller firms make accessories and notions and ceramics, and are in the business of knitting, weaving, trucking and tourism. The transition period from a planned to a market economy gives excellent chances for investments in various fields. The Panevezys Chamber of Commerce and Industry will provide full information.

Lithuania's biggest factories are found in Panevezys. Ekranas Ltd, with three production lines, makes 121,000-130,000 kinescopes per month. Kalnapilis Ltd with funding from a Swedish company is renovating its production lines and produces 3 varieties of beer which are considered the best in Lithuania. The state glass factory, besides completing orders for different types of glassware for a Dutch company, also produces glass jars. The State factory Sema is planning to supply 360 tons of vacuum-packed yeast per year after renovation.

Panevezys, which is almost 500 years old, is the fifth biggest city in Lithuania, with a population of 132,000. It is in a good geographic position, centrally located between the capitals of Vilnius and Riga (Latvia). The international highway, which is going to connect Helsinki (Finland) with Warsaw (Poland), goes through the city. There is a railway line connecting Lithuania and other states with the port of Kalipeda. The military airport can be used for commercial purposes.

Panevezys has twin cities abroad, including Goes in Holland, Lunen in Germany and Kalmar in Sweden. Rotary and Lion clubs function in the city.

The county is famous for its cultural life. Panevezys has an art gallery which organises international exhibitions, showing characteristic traits of modern ceramics art.

The Panevezys Drama Theatre was founded in 1940 and has become famous far outside Lithuania. The theatre was created and made a legend by Juozas Miltinis (1907-94). With stage plays by Strindberg, Dürrenmat, Kafka and others, the theatre has successfully toured of Germany, Sweden, St. Peterburg and Moscow. Panevezys also has a professional children's theatre, Menas, and a puppet theatre, VeZimo Teatras. Professional art groups and winners of international festivals include the brass band Garsas, the Jazz Singers Band and a chamber music orchestra.

The Panevezys district may be called the biggest granary of Lithuania. It is also famous for good flax and sugar beet yields and good achievements in the field of cattle breeding, and meat and milk production.

Of the 785,000 hectares of land, 485,000 are farming land and 5500 are gardens. 50% of the land is owned by agricultural companies which have a large production potential, 30% are private farms, usually of a diversified nature, and 20% of the land is privately owned. Farms in the district are trying to establish agricultural processing units. The main task facing agriculture is the introduction of co-operatives.

Health, Culture and Education
Republican Hospital, Infectious Diseases Hospital, Dermatology and Venereal Diseases Hospital, Oncologic Health Centre, Tuberculosis Health Centre, Somatology Polyclinic, First-aid Treatment Centre, Sports Medicine Centre, Healthy Living Centre.

Pasvalys: Regional Hospital.
Rokiskis: Regional Hospital.
Brizai: Regional Hospital, Likenai Sanatorium with Balneological and Mud cure Treatment House.

Regional Ethnography Museum, Art Gallery, Photography Gallery, Baltoscandia Academy, Children's Theatre Menas, Puppet Wagon Theatre, J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, Volunge Women's Chamber Choir, Garsas Brass Band, Jazz Singers Band, Chamber Music Orchestra, Linelis Children's Choreography Group, Granolinele Folk Dance Group, Ritmas Sport Dance Group, Children's Violinist Company, Mask Theatre, libraries, private art galleries, and clubs.

Pasvalys: Svalia Countryside Orchestra, Dudorius Brass Band, choir, folk dance group, senior citizens ethnographic association.
Rokiskis: Regional Ethnography Museum, Theatre House and library.
Kupiskis: Choreography Studio, Ancient Kupiskenai Wedding Party Ethnographical Company.

Polytechnical University, Music Conservatory, Higher Medical School, Polytechnical School, Building & Construction School, Light Industry School, Trading School, Vocational Technical School, Linkauciai Specialised Boarding School, Panevezys Specialised Boarding School for Mentally Disabled Children, children's orphanage, St. Casimir's College, Catholic School for the Deaf, Art School, Children's Musical School, three sports schools, Agriculture and Hydromelioration School, 13 primary schools, 20 secondary schools in the city and 10 secondary schools in the district.
Pasvalys: Special Boarding School, Joniskelis higher agriculture schools, 14 primary schools.
Rokiskis: College, Obeliai children's orphanage, 11 secondary school, 14 primary schools.
Kupiskis: 6 secondary schools, 9 primary schools, Music School, Sport School.
Birzai: Polytechnical School, Kucgalis Specialised Boarding School.

Tomas Josas, Panevezys County Governor

Kupiskis Lagoon


Rokiskis church


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