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AB Panevezio muilas

Staniunu str. 1
LT-5319 Panevezys

Tel. + 370 5 433 866
Fax + 370 5 436 805



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AB Panevezio muilas has been producing soap since 1932 in the town of Panevezys in the centre of Lithuania. The enterprise is now in its 7th decade with well-established traditions of soap production. Over the years, the company has also changed. Production, which was initially manual, has gradually been mechanised, and the quality and appearance of the soap have been improved.

AB Panevezio muilas is the only company in Lithuania producing natural toilet soap. Even though 60 years have passed since its foundation, we remained faithful to the old traditions. Even after mechanisation and automation of soap processing we maintained the classical formula. We use natural animal fat and coconut-oil for production of soap.

We offer our customers three groups of soaps in addition to special-purpose soaps. Soaps for children are designed for the sensitive skin of children and adults, utilising natural lanolin and glycerine which soften and protect the skin. The soap is scented with perfume specially designated for children. At present we produce soaps with three different names: Miau, Kre-Kre and Voveraite. Soaps in the first group have a different fragrance, and are made from natural materials. They are high-foaming and wash well. These are: Lina, Ramune, Svaja, Orchideja, Roze, Rytas, Egzotika and Zemuogele.

For ladies we offer 1st. group soap Poniu with almond or avocado-oil and a refreshing, natural product for men.

Soaps in the second group are also natural, and are produced packed and unpacked. Their price is lower, they contain fewer additives and less fragrance. These are Pirties and Spygliuociu.

The company also produces special-purpose soaps such as Skalbeja -- a natural soap perfectly replacing synthetic washing powder. It washes well and causes no allergies.

In great demand is a soap with gall -- a natural stain cleaner with no perfumes or synthetic additives, developed according to ancient recipes. It removes various stains from fabrics of any kind. We also produce a range of products for hotels -- a single-use soap. Natural liquid soap and an eau-de-Cologne, Magas, are also produced by AB Panevezio muilas.

At present AB Panevezio muilas produces a range of 28 separately-named products. Its annual turnover is USD 3.0-3.5 million. Around 100 employees work for the company. Production is exported to Russia, Belarussia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia and other countries of the CIS. About 50% of all production is sold in Lithuania.

AB Panevezio muilas is the only one in Lithuania producing natural toilet soap.

AB Panevezio muilas exports about 50% of its products to foreign countries.

Mr Gintautas Dunaitis, General Director.

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