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The Radviliskis District

Ausros str. 10
LT-5120 Radviliskis

Tel. 370 92 51233
Fax 370 92 51140

Population (thousands) 55.2
Overall area (thousand hectares) 163.5
Towns and residential areas 3.8
Industry & transport 3.2
Agricultural land 105.7
Forests 36.0
Water areas 3.8
Other land designation 11.0

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Looking for hotels in Lithuania?

Radviliskis district is in the southeast of Siauliai County. Radviliskis is the administrative center.

Radviliskis was founded at the end of the 15th century. Construction of the first steam-engine depot, now operating as a railway depot, brought yet more fame to the town. Between 1870 and 1873 the Liepaja-Romny Railway with a branch line to Daugavpils was laid through Radviliskis.

In 1919 the town suffered during the battles with Bermont soldiers.

Industry. Manufacturing is concentrated mainly in Radviliskis, although several companies are located in other areas. The significant public stock companies in Radviliskis include: Radviliskio masinu gamykla (Machinery Plant) producing agricultural machinery and spare auto parts suitable for numerous makes of cars, Radviliskio pienine (Dairy), Radme providing construction services, Berzas (Birch) and Medelis (Little Tree) processing timber, Sulinkiai extracting peat and Verpstas (Spindle) the Radviliskis branch of the Siauliai company producing knitwear.

Agriculture. In Seduva there is an agricultural college and the Scientific Research Institute with an experimental farm for animal breeding is in Baisogala.

The district's soil is fertile and there are possibilities for expansion in the agricultural sector. One of Lithuania's rare fur-breeding companies is in Seduva.

Fir groves and pine woods cover the district.

Tourism. This is one of the areas for business with the brightest future. There is a Lithuanian- and German-owned hotel called Prie ezero (By the Lake) in the village of Raudondvaris. Since 1967 the old windmill near Seduva has been converted to a roadside tavern Uzuoveja (Shelter from the Wind). Hotel Prieplauka (The Pier) is in the village of Velziai.

Places to visit. Among the district's most precious cultural landmarks are the 17th century Seduva church.

The Daugyvene Cultural and Historic Museum was established in 1990. It consists of four sections: the ethnographical section in Seduva, the rural section in Kleboniskes, the archeological section in Raginenai and the manor history section in Burbiskis, with the old Bazenskiai manor estate. The estate park covers 30 hectares and is famous for its small, fascinating ponds.

Here one can find the following monuments: the monument to Adomas Mickevicius, erected in 1911, the monument to Vytautas the Great (1912) and the statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The Arimaiciai and Pravirsuliskis Lakes rank among the district's largest.

The best scenery is found in the Daugyvene and Gomerta Landscape Reserves.

Centre of Radviliskis

The monument to Vytautas the Great (1912).

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