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Respublika -- The Daily Newspaper

A. Smetonos str. 2
LT-2600 Vilnius

Tel. + 370 2 223 112
+ 370 2 223 234 (Manager)
+ 370 2 221 885 (Advertising Manager)


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Established in 1988, when Lithuanians took up the struggle for the independence of their nation, Respublika is the first independent Lithuanian national daily newspaper. From the outset, it gained a reputation for being a pertinacious campaigner against crime, corruption, violence, indifference and bureaucracy. It has become famous for exposing the roots of social evil and defending the position of independently spirited people. The deputy editor-in-chief, Vitas Lingys, was murdered by order of the organized criminal forces for his publications about the Lithuanian mafia.

Respublika was the country's first private newspaper. The journalist Vitas Tomkus was one of its founders, and has been chief editor since the first edition appeared, now 2000 issues ago. A controlling block of shares in the joint-stock company Respublika is in the hands of one publisher.

Respublika is the first daily in the Lithuania to be published electronically from the outset. The publication is prepared by a comparatively small team of journalists, yet the paper contains serious, interesting and informative information on various subjects. Published 6 times a week and now in its 9th year, the paper provides information on the most important local events, foreign news, the latest cultural events and sports coverage and the results of social surveys. Supplements include Rinka and Aikste for businessmen, the informative Sporto kurjeris (on sport), Gero kelio! (tourism) and Sveikata (on health). There is Savaitgalis for young people, Brigita for women and Julius for men, and the colourful TV savaitei for fans of TV and video. Twice a week, Russian-speaking Lithuanians have the opportunity to read Respublika in Russian. Both the Lithuanian and Russian editions are also read by foreigners. Subscribers include companies in Europe, America and Australia.

The paper collaborates with the news agencies Reuter, DPA, AP, ELTA and BNS. Respublika is the main source of information about Lithuania for these agencies.

In its Lithuanian edition and Russian digest edition, the paper is printed in c. 70,000 copies on weekdays and over 90,000 at the weekend. It is published by a printing house in the capital, the first independent printing house in Eastern Europe, and distributed by a separate centre, together with its supplements and other publications. Respublika has representative offices in all regional centres in the country.

The paper was the first newspaper in the country to print in colour. Starting in December 1996 colored publications are the first and still the only one in the country which carries advertisements of a such high quality. Respublika is known for its broad range and high quality. It appears in A3 format, with 900 cm2 printing space on each page (250 x 360 mm).

The editorial office in Vilnius. Respublika is the first private newspaper in Lithuania.

A newspaper for everybody! Respublika's colourful supplements were the first periodicals of this type to appear in Lithuania.

The paper's deputy Editor-in-Chief, Vitas Lingys, was murdered by criminal elements for his exposures about the Lithuanian mafia.

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