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The year 1236 is the date when the name Siauliai was mentioned in historical chronicles for the first time. Siauliai is situated at the junction of two roads used by hunters, warriors and merchants in times much older than the city itself. These roads now connect Tallin and Warsaw, and run west to the seaport of Klaipeda and east to Russia through Latvia.

Due to its perfect geographical location, Siauliai became the trade and industrial center of Northern Lithuania from the very start. The fastest economic and cultural development began in the 19th century, when Siauliai was given as a present to the Russian Count Zubov. Footwear and nail factories and higher schools were built. Since then Siauliai has remained a hub of economic activity, producing items as varied as TV sets, bicycles, leather goods and footwear, knitwear, machine tools, metal items, furniture and food-stuff.

However, good geographic location has not always brought luck and success for Siauliai: the town was twice burned to the ground, and during World War II 85% of the town was ruined. Despite this, its strategical importance ensured that the town was always rebuilt. It also meant that the biggest military airport in Eastern Europe was established there in the Soviet period.

This airport formed the basis of the idea of the Siauliai Free Economic Zone, which is a good reason for sustainable development of industry and other kinds of activities in Siauliai. The other reason for creating the FEZ is the challenge of how to utilise the large number of highly skilled workers and other assets ‹ plants, land, etc.

Siauliai, with its current population of 147,000, is the fourth biggest city in Lithuania and the economic, cultural and educational center of Northern Lithuania. It has 23 secondary schools, 6 colleges and a private business school. Kaunas Technological University (Siauliai Branch) and the Siauliai Pedagogical Academy, which both have more than 4000 students, will be reorganized to form the Siauliai University in 1997.

Since 1970's when the center of Siauliai was reconstructed, we have a pedestrian boulevard decorated with unique sculptures, with shops, cafés and bars along it. Siauliai is also famous for its artists and musicians, Drama Theatre and a number of various museums.

The one and only Hill of Crosses in the world, the Kurtuvenai and Venta Regional Parks and many other places of interest and recreation, organized commercial hunting expeditions and trips on horseback attract tourists to the Siauliai Region as well as the city itself.

Welcome to Siauliai!

Symbol of Siauliai City - the Archer, or the Golden Boy, and St. Peter's and Paul's church.

The Hill of Crosses.

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