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Siauliu Zemes ukio technika Ltd
Sodo str. 35a
LT-5402 Siauliai

Tel. + 370 1 440 072 & 441 354
Fax + 370 1 440 001


We would like to introduce ourselves: Siauliu Zemes ukio technika Ltd (agricultural engineering stock company), organized in 1992 and handling several kinds of activities:
  • wholesale and retail sales of building and household materials, automobile spare parts, agricultural machines and implements
  • commercial intermediary
  • construction and production of construction materials
  • furniture-making
  • production of metal articles
  • arrangement of exhibitions and fairs
About 175 people work in the company, many of them highly qualified specialists. The entire accounting system is computerized.

Company policy is to increase sales volume at low prices. In addition, the company is interested in offering high-quality goods to its clients.

The company's entire trade is strictly specialized. It is divided into three subdivisions: building and household goods, automobile spare parts and agricultural machines.

The company maintains a permanent exhibition of agricultural machines and implements.

The main task of Siauliu Zemes ukio technika Ltd is to look for regular and honest partners in different countries. Currently the company has partners in the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and the Ukraine.

The plan for the future is to increase the company's sphere of trade. Siauliu Zemes ukio technika Ltd is ready to answer all commercial suggestions and is hoping for foreign interest in order to establish mutual co-operation and sign agreements with new partners. The company is looking for partners in creative co-operation.

From left: Directors Vasilijus Popovas, Stanislovas Jucius and Vidmantas Japertas.

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