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A/s Latvijas Balzams

Caka str. 160
LV-1012 Riga

Tel. 371 7 081 213
Fax 371 7 828 071

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The enterprise today. A/S Latvijas Balzams is the biggest strong drinks manufacturer in Latvia and produces 60 percent of all products officially produced in Latvia. Latvijas Balzams is a drinks manufecturer with a broad spectrum,which at the moment produces ten different sorts of products including Latvijas Melnais Balzams,vodkas, bitters, liqueurs, aperitifs, gins and brandies — altogether 50 different titles. 55% of the total amont of products sold are vodkas, 12% liqueurs and 18% brandy based drinks.

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General Director Mr Aleksandrs Ivanovs

Modernised manufacturing: Latvijas Balzams is an enterprise which offers a wide range of product presentation from 50 gr souvenir bottles to 3 l balsam bottles. To modernise the bottle filling process the setting of a new high standard quality bottle filling machinery with maximum capacity 12,000 per hour, produced by the Italian company “Sasib Beverige” was accomplished in 1998.

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The new filling line.

High quality: Riga’s Melnais Balzams is synonymous with Latvia, and the Latvijas Balzams trade mark is a guarantee of the highest quality. In 1998 many measures to improve the quality of drinks were carried out, these amounted in a longer product shelf life. Since 1995 the State certification centre has carried out annual certification of the enterprise. Latvijas Balzams also produces the most popular Cranberry Vodka,which contains natural flavourings. Latvijas Balzams uses natural raw materials in all products. Because of this: Latvijas Balzams has attained very good results in many exhibitions and competitions.

Most notably, the gold medal awarded to Monopols vodka in 1998 at the Russian International Competition.

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Products of Latvijas Balzams.

The Joint Stock Company “Latvijas Balzams” is the only company in the world producing the unique RIGA BLACK BALSAM. Among it’s other qualities Riga Black Balsam tastes delicious, and has come to be called as the King of Latvian liquours. Its history is full of legends. Investigations of archives show that this liquor was invented in the middle of the 18th century by Abraham Kunze, a pharmacist of Riga, and this liquor, under the name of “Kunze Balsam”, was subsequently distributed both in Russia and abroad.

RIGA BLACK BALSAM is a liquor produced from natural raw materials. The traditional recipe is based on a well-balanced and unique composition of plants, flowers, buds, juices, roots, oils and berries. The liquor contains twenty five ingredients. The Balsam is available in ceramic hand-made jugs.

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Black Balsam.

The liquor has always been, and still is well-known in foreign countries. This fact is shown by the wide arry of Gold and Silver Medals and Diplomas of Honour — more than 30 awards in total! During the VPO Show “World Star ‘98” in Tokyo in 1998, Riga Black Balsam was awarded the title of “Best Presented product”. Photo Riga Black Balsam.

History Rich In Traditions. Latvian Balzams’ rich history and fame for products of the highest quality streches back a hundred years. The foundation of the company happened in 1900. During the First World War, the trade of spirituous liquors was stopped for a period of time, but as soon as an independent Latvian emerged, production resumed. In July of 1940, the plant was nationalized and renamed Riga Spirit and Liquor Plant. In 1949, the plant started to produce liqueurs as well, and it was renamed to Riga Liqueur and Liquor Plant.

The present name “Latvijas Balzams” was given to the plant in 1969.

In 1994, the enterprise was reorganized into a State Stock Company but at the beginning of 1998, as a the result of privatization, it was transformed into a public joint stock company.

A Public Company Within a Food Processing Corporation.

More than 23,000 people became shareholders in “Latvijas Balzams” acquiring the Com-pany’s shares for the Privatization Certificates during a public subscription campaign.

The controlling block of shares of the Company is owned by the Joint Stock Company “Ave Lat Group” which is the largest corporation of food processing companies in Latvia.

“Latvijas Balzams” has quoted its shares in the second list of Riga Stock Exchange since October 16, 1998. 5,791,900 shares of “Latvijas Balzams” are registered with the Central Depository of Latvia and are in public circulation.

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The Drop.

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