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The Viking Period (800-1050 AD.)
Early on, Norwegians had settled peacefully in Shetland and Orkney. Around 800 we hear of the bloodstained Norse invasions which have given the Viking Age its bad reputation. Stories have overshadowed the fact that Vikings were also merchants. In great combined operations, however, Norwegian Vikings conquered the Isle of Man, the Hebrides, Northern Scotland and most of Ireland. They also settled in Iceland and Greenland, and, for a short period, in North America (Leifur Eiríksson of Iceland/Greenland).

The first unification was carried out using military force by Harold the Fair-haired around 885. The process continued during the next century, especially by Olav Haraldsson (Saint Olav) who gained a powerful ally in the Catholic church. His death in 1030 set the seal on the work of unification and led to the conversion to Christianity.

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