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Kittelsbuktveien 1
P.O. Box 55
N-4801 Arendal

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Marine Consulting Group (MCG) is a supplier of ship-related systems for offshore transfer of crude oil. Our systems are supplied to shipbuilders, shipowners and oil companies all over the world. Since the company was founded in 1989, MCG has delivered more than twenty systems for the loading and offloading of shuttle-tankers and Floating Storage Units.

The Bow Loading System (BLS)
is used on shuttle-tankers to receive oil from loading terminals, loading buoys and from FPSO's and FSU's.

The Stern Discharge System (SDS)
is installed aft on FSU's and FPSO's for offloading cargo to shuttle-tankers. The system is delivered with a reel for storing the offloading hose, or alternatively with horizontal storage of the hose in a conveyor.

The Stern Loading and Discharge System (SLDS)
is a further development of the BLS and SDS systems that enables a vessel to load or discharge cargo over the stern end. It offers an attractive economical alternative for multi-purpose vessels.

The Submerged Turret Loading (STL)
technology offers a flexible, safe and cost-effective solution for offshore loading of crude oil. With several systems installed since its introduction in 1992, it is recognised as the new standard in offshore loading.

With the STL system, loading operations can continue in rougher seas than was possible with earlier systems. The catenary anchored STL Buoy is pulled into a recess in the bottom of the ship and provides an effective mooring of the tanker. The STL Buoy incorporates a turret and swivel arrangement, that enables the vessel to weathervane freely.

Submerged Turret Production (STP)
is a unique and innovative concept for FPSO's that utilizes the STL technology in combination with a disconnectable high-pressure multipath swivel supplied by Framo Engineering.

The STP system is offered to the market as an important feature in low-cost developments of medium and small oil fields.

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