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Unitor has served the international marine industry for nearly 60 years and is todays leader in products and services for vessels both in shipyards and at sea. Unitor operates from 73 offices in 32 countries and has 180 authorized agents in a further 65 countries. 165,000 product deliveries are made per year to 16,000 vessels in the ownership of 3,450 owners. 950 ports are served worldwide. Unitor has 2,400 employees and an annual turnover of approximately USD 380 million.

4,500 standard core products are offered from 250 buffer stock locations around the world. Products include all types of gases, a worldwide gas cylinder exchange programme, welding systems, welding certifications courses, welding consumables, compressors and air tools, cleaning and surface preparation equipment, marine chemicals, fire and safety systems, portable fire fighting equipment, fire service, refrigeration systems, leak detection systems, refrigerants, spare parts and service and oil spill preparedness and cleanup kits.
The Peoples Republic of China is an important market to Unitor. A growing number of Chinese customers has led to a significant upgrading of the company's main office in Hong Kong and the establishment of a new office in Shanghai from March 1995. The Hong Kong office offers Unitor¥s complete line of products and services while the Shanghai office concentrates on serving the shipyards and shipbuilding industry. For over a decade Unitor has also been represented in China by a network of 7 agents. The product line offered by this agent network has now been significantly expanded.

For a free quotation or more information about Unitor's products and services contact:

Mr. Tak Kwon Tse, Sales Manager, China
Telephone 852 2856 1899
Fax 852 2856 1559

Mr. Lawrence Siew, Branch Manager, Shanghai
Telephone 546 5548
Fax 546 5449

Mr. Bob Channing, General Manager
Telephone 852 2856 1899
Fax 852 2856 1559

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