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Hotels in Domzale Slovenia, Book online for better prices
Hotels in Domzale Slovenia, Book online for better prices

Read about Domzale Slovenia, find Vacation information and book Cheap Hotels in Domzale or find Hotels in Slovenia. A fertile plain near Ljubljana, rich wooded grounds, and magnificent scenery of the Kamnik Alps - the source of the Bistrica river - constitute the area of Domzale.

Domzale Slovenia
The Municipality of Domzale is known for its rapid development. It lies at one of the most important; crossroads that have linked the Danube area with the Mediterranean since Roman times. Today this is part of the European route from Barcelona to Kiev.

Close to the city of Ljubljana and the Kamnik Apls
A fertile plain near Ljubljana, rich wooded grounds, and magnificent scenery of the Kamnik Alps - the source of the Bistrica river - constitute the area of Domzale.

With about 31,000 inhabitants and covering 7,972 hectares of land, the new municipality was established at the end of 1994. Its first mayor is Mrs. Cveta Zalokar Orazem; the Municipality was awarded a new coat-of-arms and a municipal holiday.

Domzale’s municipal holiday is April 19th, in remembrance of the day in 1952 when Domzale was pronounced a town municipality.

The basic motif of the coat-of-arms are ears of wheat, in memory of the straw-hat trade, that marked the beginning of business growth in this municipality. In the past, the straw-hat trade made Domzale famous near and far, even across the border.

The center of the new Municipality is the town of Domzale, with more than 11,000 inhabitants. It is an administrative, educational, cultural, and commercial centre.

The history of the municipality and the town is varied and interesting. Near Domzale, in the Babja cave on Gorjusa, an approximately 15,000-year-old dwelling of an Ice Age hunter was found. Fragments of bones and teeth of animals, blades made from flintstone, ancient charcoal remains of fireplaces, and even ornaments made from horn were excavated here.

Rich archeological excavations in this area give proof of continual habitation from the prehistoric era through the Roman civilization up to modern times. As an interesting detail, let us mention that the oldest written records from this region reach back to the 12th century The oldest preserved document mentioning Domzale dates from around 1220.

The water energy source of the Kamniska Bistrica and Mlinscica rivers, a suitable traffic access point, the vicinity of Ljubljana, and the railroad connection brought rapid economic development. This is to be said for both Domzale and its surroundings in trade and industry.

Since the Middle Ages, numerous water powered mills and sawmills as well as ironworks have been in operation in this region. In the second half of the 19th century, these activities were replaced by the straw-hat trade. To this day, the straw-hat trade represents an important historical link between the past and present development of this municipality.

However, our municipality is not known for its rapid progress alone. Thriving industry and numerous businessmen and craftsmen have brought about this present success. Among them, there are many successful individuals, culture and sports clubs, musicians, and events - all of them spreading the word of this successful and hospitable municipality from the heart of Slovenia into the wide world.

Guests like to visit various natural, historical, and cultural sites, take a walk over the green hills, admire the nearby Volcji Potok Arboretum, or chat with friendly locals.

It is always a pleasant experience to visit our many well-known local pubs and restaurants, take part in various sports, or simply relax in the nearby countryside.

In the idyllic surroundings of Krumperk Castle, you can take a ride in its well-kept riding arenas or visit a horse-breeding farm. This castle was made famous by Knight Adam Ravbar, who fought in the victorious battle over Turks at Sisak in 1593.

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Cultural Hall


Domzale Slovenia

Close to the city of Ljubljana

Domzale Slovenia

The Church of Groblje
The Church of Groblje

Sports ground Domzale
Sports ground Domzale

Another curiosity is the Zelezna Cave, open for tourists; in the nearby Jamarski Dom, on Gorjusa. Members of the Simon Robic Cave Research Association, prepared a display of rocks and fossils; a collection of paleontological and speleological findings. There are also various natural collections by Simon Robic as well as a review of the straw-hat trade development.

Outstanding among the many cultural events that enrich the lives of locals and visitors are the international concerts of Chamber Music at Groblje. In the Groblje church near Domzale (also known for beautiful frescoes by Jelovsek), music lovers enjoy the concerts of many famous Slovene and international musicians. Here, the harmony of musical sounds goes hand-in-hand with architectural artistic expressions.

Cultur and Music Events
Every year, numerous cultural and music events are prepared by various cultural groups. The Summer Theatre at Studenec and many others organize quality performances and continuously attract visitors.

The exhibition grounds of the Modern Art Gallery in the open designed by Vera Terstenjak, in the center of Domzale, are also well worth a visit.

Back in 1998 brought a rebirth of the Cultural Center of Domzale, in the restored Domzale Cultural Hall.

In the large green area by the Kamniska Bistrica River stands the Domzale Sports Center, suitable for various sports events, with tennis courts and a hall, a swimming pool, football fields with a race track, and basketball courts.

The Municipality of Domzale has joined the world sports events with the Challenger Slovenian Open Tournament and the KOS Basketball Tournament.

Hotels in Domzale Slovenia, Book online for better prices

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