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SI-4000 Kranj

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Company activities

Iskraemeco is one of the most successful companies in Gorenjska and in Slovenia as a whole. We are the third largest manufacturer of electricity meters in Europe and the fifth largest in the world. We also produce an increasing number of devices and systems for the measurement and management of energy in industrial and electric energy distribution systems.

Iskraemeco is the successor to Iskra Stevci, a company founded in 1945 with the beginning of the development of single phase electromechanical meters. Advances in electronics and our own know-how enabled the development of electronic meters and other modern measuring devices and systems. In 1975 we began producing electronic precision meters, and in 1992 we started regular production of electronic meters for households which feature several of our own patents. We are proud of the fact that all the products in our range are the fruit of our own know-how.

Marketing and internationalisation

The company has been an important exporter for 40 years. Our products are sold in more than sixty countries. Important features of our strategy are global marketing and the internationalisation of production. We already have eight daughter companies abroad: in Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Italy and Malaysia.

Quality control and care for the environment

The devices we manufacture not only meet the strictest requirements with regard to measuring characteristics and product quality prescribed by international standards, but they also keep pace with the development of industrial design. This is reflected in the functional and ergonomic design of our products. We pay special attention to the environment, and use environmentally friendly technology and materials in product development and production.

Iskraemeco to 2001

We wish to remain one of the leading world producers in the field of electric energy measurement and management.

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Through the internationalisation of production and globalisation of marketing we aim to increase our market share on existing markets and to capture new ones. We plan to develop our electronic meters with an emphasis on increasing the share of electronic meters for industrial use.

Iskraemeco product range

  • electricity meters for households
  • devices and systems for meter readout and load control
  • meters for industry
  • systems for billing and electric energy management
  • know-how and licences
  • laboratory services.

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