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Savska loka 4
SI-4000 Kranj

Tel. + 386 64 375 500  Telephone exchange
      + 386 64 375 537  Director
      + 386 64 375 541  Tehnical Director
Fax + 386 64 223 061

E-mail: iskra.pro@iskrapro.si

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Iskra PRO Kranj’s experience in manufacturing special purpose machinery and devices goes back to 1952 when the Iskra corporation began to produce such items mainly for its own needs. Production was organized in the Kranj machine shop which had the most qualified staff available. The scope of production expanded with the development of Iskra, which by 1990 had more than 30,000 employees working in its various branches throughout Slovenia. In 1991, Iskra was broken up, and the new privatized Iskra PRO Kranj company was established by sixteen employees who still work in the company.

Beginning to focus on the foreign market, the company has gradually increased the number of workers. At present, the company employs twenty-two highly qualified workers with considerable experience. Along with the administration and finance departments, the company has its own marketing, design, and assembly divisions. In the production of its special purpose machines and devices, Iskra PRO Kranj makes some components itself, but most are produced by well-known and respected manufacturers.

Iskra PRO Kranj produces:

  • assembly devices;

  • special tooling machines;

  • manipulation devices;

  • pad printing machines.

These products are primarily intended for the assembly, tooling, and manipulation of parts for the electromechanical and automobile industries. Iskra PRO Kranj’s turnover was approximately 1,800,000 USD in 1997, of which 40% was generated in Slovenia and the rest mainly in Austria, Germany, and Hungary.

In cooperation with other Slovene companies, we have also exported our machines to China, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia, and Tunisia.

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