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Tovarniska 36
SI-1370 Logatec

Tel. + 386 1 755 85 00
Fax + 386 1 754 12 79

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The company was established in 1953, but its roots go back even further. In the 1920’s, the saw-mills of Logatec, of which KLI is a direct descendant, were known for miles around. Out of this rich tradition, a powerful enterprise has developed which has provided a livelihood for many families for decades.
Today, KLI Logatec is one of the most successful enterprises in the Slovene furniture industry. The two basic production programmes of the company include chairs and dining-room suites and doors and windows.
Sales from abroad represent over 80% of the annual sales revenue of 30 million USD. The company exports mainly to the United States, Austria, Germany, and other West European countries.

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An extensive distribution network has been built up over the years at home and abroad. The company constantly follows the latest developments in the trade, since its main goal is to meet the increasing demands of the buyers. At present, a new investment cycle is underway which will result in an upgrading and an increase in capacities of our programmes for windows made of plastic. This will provide the material base for a swifter increase in productivity and the quality of our products. Long-term market analysis and present economic trends confirm that the company is headed in the right direction both in its development and production in the competitive struggle to obtain its global market share. We are proud to rank among the most successful companies in our line of business. And more importantly, we have determination, the means, and know-how to achieve these goals.

Chairs and tables

With this furniture, we try to preserve yet strengthen the links between the past and present and to add our own contribution to the mosaic of the rich tradition in the timber industry in Slovenia, and especially in the Notranjska region. With up-to-date technology, we try to bring our products to the perfection which characterised those products which were hand-made by our celebrated past masters while, at the same time, giving the products the stamp of the present dimension.
The design of our products is based on a dialogue with nature. We try to capture the poetry of the wood in the forms applied to chairs and tables, and to integrate its warmth and kindness in the simplicity, clearness, and elegance of their lines.
The varied pallette of styles ranges from colonial and rustical to modern. Our chairs and tables may be easily combined with other furniture and elements in the rooms. At the same time, we pay full attention to functionality and original constructional solutions of our products. As a result, our chairs represent a harmonising realisation of the connection between the body and a comfortable seat.

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Doors and windows

The Scandinavians say that the doors and windows of a house reveal the heart and the soul of a home. Our customised door and windows give a home an especially gentle ambience whether they are made of wood, a gift of nature, or of durable, visually appealing plastics.

Doors and windows made of wood

Material: spruce wood or fir wood, sections are triple composite, with few or no burls, hot-air seasoned to 10-12% humidity, or meranti to 11-13%. Upon request, windows and doors can also be manufactured from woods such as oak, pine, hemlock. Fittings are concealed, single-lever, vertical-rotary, and combined opening. On the side, the fitting is furnished with an adjustable angle bearing, horizontally and vertically with a scissor-type bearing. Weatherboard on the doors and windows is made of anodized steel with end pieces made of plastic. The seal is infinite, it is made of synthetic rubber, and compatible with all coating materials. Upon request, double sealing can be provided.

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The standard glazing is with thermopane insulation glass 4/16/4, with a loss coefficient of 2.9 W/m2/0K, which is increasingly substituted by glass with more than double insulating capacity, i.e. having a loss coefficient of 1.33 W/m2/0K (low-E glass). Safety glass, sound-proof glass, burglar-proof glass, and lightning-proof glass may be supplied at additional cost. The surface treatment of our windows is processed by submersion, with insect-resistant and mildew-resistant coatings. The final treatment is carried out by pouring or spraying of thick-layer acrylic coating varnishes which are environmentally safe.

Windows made of plastics

If a more durable, maintenance-free material is preferred because of the lack of time or because the house is not permanently inhabited, our windows made of plastic may provide a more convenient solution. Our supplier is the Kömmerling company from Germany, the leading manufacturer in Europe for plastic in both quantity and quality. Upon request, PVC windows may be manufactured in silk white colour, in colours of wood imitation, or in any colour from the RAL scale. The same applies to fittings and glazing as with wooden windows. We believe so much in our windows that we grant a five -year guarantee provided that they are treated in compliance with our instructions.

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