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Prevent manufactures automobile seat covers; protective, professional, and image work clothing; and protective gloves. The majority of its products are sold to automobile manufacturers in Europe who work in the framework of Volkswagen and Ford.

The major part of production takes place at our home factory in Slovenj Gradec, and part in Radlje ob Dravi and Mislinja. Prevent also owns two subsidiary companies, Prevent SPM Mirna and TUS Tehnicne tekstilije Mislinja, and is closely linked with the companies Prevent Handel Freiburg and Prevent Halog Lenart.

The total Prevent operation employs over two thousand workers. In 1997, sales rose to almost twenty billion tolars (106 million ECU), which includes exports of around 18.7 billion tolars (102 million ECU), and the company ended the fiscal year with a profit. Prevent conducts business on the basis of the specific standards of quality demanded by its ISO 9001Certificate of Quality, and at the start of 1998 it became one of the few companies in Europe to receive the VDA 6.1 Certificate of Quality.

The company considers it a special honour that Volkswagen granted it a special award as one of its best suppliers in 1994 and 1996. Joze Kozmus, the president of the company, also received the “Chamber of Commerce of Slovenia Award for 1997.”

These awards confirm the company’s orientation toward maintaining the quality of its business conduct and toward satisfying the needs of customers as best as possible, an approach reflected in the company slogan “Prevent-Guaranteed Satisfaction.”

AutomobileSeat Covers

Prevent began manufacturing automobile seat covers in 1976 and produced 11,000 sets that year. In 1997, production amounted to 1.2 million sets. Today, the company is the largest European manufacturer of automobile seat covers at a single location. Its daily output of around 6500 sets supplies the European automobile factories of Volkswagen and Ford. It delivers its seat covers to Germany (Wolfsburg, Emden, Hanover, Kassel, Mosel, Schwalbach), Belgium (Brussels), Slovakia (Bratislava), and Spain (Pamplona).

As a result of its excellent working relationship with Volkswagen, Prevent began to undertake the overall design and development of its seat covers. All the seat covers in Volkswagen’s new Passat model are the fruit of Prevent’s skill and knowledge. In 1996, in cooperation with Volkswagen, the company also developed covers for side air bags.

Professional, protective, and image work clothing

Produced for forty years, the professional, protective, and image work clothing manufactured at the Mislinja plant comprises the oldest part of Prevent’s production program. While the majority of our clothing products are sold on the domestic market, some are also exported.

This clothing is devoted to ensuring work safety in various occupations in industry and the service sector. Special emphasis is placed on the fact that work clothes can also be an excellent means of company promotion. Prevent therefore offers customers "custom-designed" work clothing whose use enhances their company image and reputation. The design of the clothing, the selection of materials, and the consideration of fashion trends guarantees safety, functionality, and comfort.

Prevent Protective Gloves

Knitted protective work gloves reinforced with natural rubber are the newest product in our production program and from the beginning have been sold under the company’s own trademark. The annual production is 2.5 million pairs, of which 90% are exported, primarily to European, Australian, New Zealand, and Brazilian markets.

In addition to these gloves, which have been present on the market for ten years, Prevent has recently also offered the market oil-resistant gloves and protective gloves based on aramid fibers.

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Mr. Joze Kozmus,
General Manager

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