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Ajdovscina 4
SI-1000 Ljubljana

Tel. + 386 61 171 51 00
      + 386 61 171 50 918
Fax + 386 61 314 594
      + 386 61 171 57 57

Telex  31606 skb dp si
Telex  39144 skb dp si
Reuters Code: SKBS


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Based in Ljubljana, SKB Banka d.d. is the second largest bank in Slovenia in terms of capital and total assets. SKB has an 11.5% market share measured by total assets and an 18.5% share of corporate loans. Number of employees: 1,047.

Private ownership: 51% domestic, 49% international

SKB shares are traded in Ljubljana, London, Frankfurt, and Munich. The international shareholders are the Bank of New York (29%) which is the depositary for SKB’s Global Depositary Receipts traded on three international stock exchanges, EBRD - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (15%), and DEG - Deutsche Investitions- und Entwicklungs- gesellschaft mbH (5%). The largest domestic shareholder is the Ljubljana City Council (5.1%), and SKB’s management and employees hold around 3% of the equity. At the end of December 1997, SKB had 2,367 corporate and individual shareholders.


The bank was established in 1978 as Stanovanjsko-Komunalna Banka, a subsidiary of Ljubljanska Banka specializing in housing loans to individuals and enterprises and the financing of municipal construction. The independence of the bank followed in 1990 with the transformation to a joint-stock company, and its name was shortened to SKB. The bank expanded its operations rapidly between 1990 and 1996 to take advantage of Slovenia’s changing economic conditions.

Present activities

SKB is a universal bank offering retail, commercial, and investment banking, as well as international banking services. The bank has an extensive network of branches throughout the country (60), and eight subsidiary and affiliated companies. SKB had roughly 60,000 individual and 12,900 corporate clients (domestic and international) at the end of 1997.

SKB’s Representative Office London

Set up in 1993, the office assists clients in the United Kingdom in opening personal and corporate non-resident accounts with SKB and offers advice on SKB’s other international services.

Correspondent banking relationships

SKB maintains correspondent banking relationships with 870 banks worldwide in order to give more effective and efficient international service to customers.

Subsidiary companies

The SKB Group includes eight subsidiary and affiliated companies in Ljubljana, concentrating on real estate and leasing, construction management and investment, safe deposit services, payment systems (credit cards and cash dispensers), investment funds, and insurance. Among these subsidiaries are the joint-ventures CA-SKB Leasing Ltd. and Generali SKB s.c. established by SKB and two Austrian partners, Creditanstalt Leasing Ltd. and EA Generali A.G.

Merger with UBK Banka d.d.

In June 1997, SKB acquired 51% of the share capital of UBK Banka d.d., Ljubljana. UBK will pass its retail, investment, and international operations to SKB and specialize in providing banking services to small and medium-sized companies.

Investment grade ratings

SKB has investment grade ratings from the Moody’s and Thomson BankWatch international rating agencies.

skb_2.jpg (16774 bytes)
Celebrating the launch of the Slovenian share on the London Stock Exchange: Ivan Nerad, the President of SKB Banka’s Management Board, and Ivan Salter, the Deputy Chairman of the London Stock Exchange

skb_5.jpg (28414 bytes)
SKB Banka d.d. Head Office in Ljubljana

skb_3.jpg (13459 bytes)
Return on Assets in % (consolidated)

skb_4.jpg (13726 bytes)
Return on Equity in % (consolidated)

International awards

SKB was voted “Best Local Bank in Slovenia” in the Euromoney publication, Central European, for the fourth consecutive year in April 1998. In July and December 1997, similar awards were accorded to SKB by the U.S. magazine Global Banking and by the Economist’s Business Central Europe.

SKB’s most important achievements in 1997:

  • Listing on international stock exchanges: Following the decision late in 1996 to increase its foreign shareholding from 30% to 49%, SKB became the first Slovene company to list its shares in the form of Global Depositary Receipts (GDR’s) in London in early 1997. The GDR’s are traded in London, Munich and Frankfurt.
  • Launch of Internet banking: On September 1, 1997, SKB launched SKB NET, an on-line banking service on the Internet enabling individual customers and private businesses to have direct access to bank account details and bill payment.

Total assets:
255 billion SIT
1.5 bn USD
2.7 bn DEM (as at December 31, 1997-consolidated, audited, prepared to international accounting standards)

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