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Silja Line
Positionen 8
S-115 74 Stockholm
Tel. 46 8 666 33 00
Fax 46 8 782 39 82

Looking for hotels or Guesthouses in Sweden?
Looking for hotels in Sweden?

The Baltic Sea connects the countries in the Nordic region. The 1,000-year-old sea routes between Sweden and Finland, which pass through one of the world's most beautiful archipelagos, are now served by the most modern and advanced cruise ferries in existence, Silja Line's fleet. Each year, Silja Line carries more than five million passengers, who are attracted by the onboard environment of excellent restaurants, showrooms, boutiques and entertainment activities. Naturally, the vessels also function as an essential means of transportation between the countries.
The Swedish and Finnish archipelago landscape, with thousands of islands, fishing villages, bays and boats, sets the scene.
Navigating large vessels through such scenic routes places a heavy responsibility on the operator. The Nordic countries have a long-standing tradition of environmental awareness and, in an international perspective, Nordic companies hold a vanguard position in environmental matters. Silja Line is no exception. For decades, the Company's vessel development and investment activities have focused on the need to guarantee passenger safety and minimize the environmental impact of its vessels.
The Silja Serenade's promenade of shops, restaurants and bars has attracted worldwide admiration. When Silja's flagships, the Silja Serenade and Silja Symphony, were placed in service at the beginning of the 1990s, the world witnessed the dawn of a new era in cruise thinking. These vessels have attracted considerable international attention thanks to their long promenades along the entire length of the vessel, their multitude of shops and restaurants and a general environment that is unmatched at sea. These two vessels sail the line between the two Nordic capitals, Stockholm in Sweden and Helsinki in Finland. Silja has an additional seven vessels serving other routes in the Baltic Sea.
The safety of Silja's vessels is highly advanced and they have all been awarded safety certificates in accordance with the ISM Code. In addition, the Company's investments in the environment have resulted in such benefits as low-sulphur fuels, catalytic conversion of exhaust emissions and the on-land pumping of all waste and sewage, to name but a few. Rapid progress is being made in the fields of safety and the environment, and Silja's aim is to always remain a step ahead of general developments and legislation.

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